Millions of people in the United States are affected by mental illness each year. KVCC’s Mental Health program provides the essential skills and knowledge needed for entry-level and case management positions within the mental health field in Maine as Mental Health Rehabilitation Technicians.

The Associate in Applied Science degree in Mental Health will prepare students for entry-level and above positions in areas of substance abuse, mental health rehabilitation, developmental disability services, and gerontology. The Certificate will allow students to focus their efforts on obtaining the state certificate while keeping the option for continuing on open.

“KVCC’s Mental Health program was the foundation of my education. It taught me the values I use in my work today, particularly honoring the dignity and worth of every individual, even those that happen to be different.”
—KVCC Student

Program Information

Mental Health Degree

The Program of Study for the Associate in Applied Science in Mental Health outlines the course expectations for the entire degree.

These expectations include both the core Mental Health courses required for MHRT/C certification and additional general education classes that make up the rest of the degree program.


Mental Health Certificate

The Mental Health Certificate focuses on the core Mental Health courses that lead to the MHRT/C Certification.  These 8 domain classes, along with the 1-credit Mental Health Seminar (MHT 101) course, make up the entire certificate.

This Certificate was designed to meet the needs of individuals who either already have a degree or simply want to focus on the 8 core classes to receive their MHRT/C.

Because ALL of the courses in this certificate transfer into the Associate in Applied Science in Mental Health degree program, students wishing to pursue the Certificate can also apply for Federal Financial Aid.

In order to graduate with a certificate, you need to complete all the course requirements as outlined in the Program of Study, have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0, and have grades of “C” or better in all the core MHT designated courses.

MHRT/C Certification

MHRT stands for “Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician”.  These certificates represent some of the certifying qualifications that people need to work within the mental health field in Maine.

Students who complete MHT225, MHT230, MHT204, and one other eligible MHT course (with a “C” or
better) can apply to the Muskie School Center for Learning for the Provisional MHRT-Community Certification. Students who then complete the remaining four domain courses can apply to the Muskie School Center for Learning for the Full MHRT-Community Certification.

Educational Outcomes

Upon completion of the Associate in Applied Science degree or Certificate in Mental Health, the graduate is prepared to:

  1. Utilize knowledge and elementary counseling skills to engage and collaborate with clients and their
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the formal and informal support systems in the community.
  3. Analyze problems as they occur in the community work setting and provide support and information
    to solve these problems.
  4. Collaborate with other treatment team members from a variety of disciplines and perspectives in
    the treatment of individuals, families, and other groups.
  5. Demonstrate awareness of the challenges individuals with mental health problems and diagnoses face regarding human rights, access to
    services, financial strain, and social stigma.
  6. Assume ethical responsibility for their actions and abide by the ethical principles outlined in the field of Human Services.
  7. Establish and engage in a process of continued personal and professional growth in order to
    remain personally healthy and effective, and professionally competent.


For more information, please contact:

Enrollment Services

(207) 453-5822


Program Faculty

For more information, please contact:

Shawn Young, Mental Health Department Chair