The Welding Certificate Program prepares the graduate for employment as a welder in industry. The
graduate will be proficient in oxy-acetylene welding and cutting, arc welding, MIG and fabrication.
Students have the opportunity to become American Welding Society (AWS) certified when they
successfully complete the tests to measure their welding skills.

“My hands-on industry driven aspect of this program is key in translating these skills in the workforce. Upon completion of this program, you will have the skills and confidence to excel in the welding profession you choose!”
—KVCC Student

Program Information

Educational Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Welding program, a
graduate is expected to:

  1. Be employable individuals in the welding industry.
  2. Be skilled in the welding field.
  3. Participate in AWS Certification Tests.
  4. Have a foundation in multiple processes of
  5. Be able to cut steel with the oxy-fuel torch and
    plasma cutter.

Career Opportunities

Trained Welders are often in high demand in manufacturing and repair shops, in construction firms, within the shipbuilding and aerospace industries, and in power plants, refineries and many other industries and sectors.

• Manufacturing plants
• Fabrication plants
• Automotive companies
• Small businesses
• Machine shops
• Large industrial construction projects,
apprenticeships, fab shops, manufacturing


For more information, please contact:

Enrollment Services
(207) 453-5882

Program Faculty

Brian Jonah, Welding Program Department Chair
(207) 453-5819