Veteran’s Education Benefits

Veterans Education Benefit

Welcome, veterans, National Guard members, and active military personnel, to Kennebec Valley Community College! And thank you for your service!  We are committed to helping you access your education benefits and supporting you as you attain your academic and career goals. KVCC is one of the Servicemember Opportunity College (SOC) Degree-granting institutions of higher education.

KVCC offers in-state tuition rates for veterans, active-duty military personnel, spouses, and children. KVCC’s Certifying Officials for veterans’ education benefits are Jill MacLean, and Kathryn Blair, All credit programs and some non-credit courses are approved by the Maine State Approving Agency for Veterans Education Programs for the use of the various VA educational assistance programs, more commonly known as “GI Bills®.”  Qualified military personnel, veterans, and their eligible dependents who are enrolled in approved programs may apply for VA benefits through the Financial Aid Office. Students should obtain VA applications from their Veteran Centers, the KVCC Financial Aid Office, or by going to to fill out an online application as far in advance of course registration as possible. Requests for Advance Pay of VA benefits must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office 30 days before the start date of the first semester of enrollment. The Financial Aid Office will assist students with the VA application process, and with other issues that may arise during enrollment.  Students who receive VA benefits may also qualify for other financial aid programs offered by the College and are encouraged to apply.

To learn more about the different programs for veteran education benefits, please click on one or more of the links below:

Getting Started

  1. Learn about KVCC’s degree and certificate programs.
  2. Submit the application for admission.
  3. Submit a copy of your high school transcript/diploma/GED, as well as any college/university and military training transcripts.
    • Requesting a military training transcript.
    • The AARTS transcript is available to Army, Army National Guard, and US Army Reserve veterans and soldiers with an active service date of October 1, 1981 or later.
    • The SMART transcript is available to all active duty sailors and marines who separated after January 1,1999.
    • Veterans are encouraged to submit their military training transcripts to KVCC for evaluation.  The links for the various services are listed below:
    • Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard veterans may use the Joint Service Transcript (JST) system to request transcripts.
    • Air Force veterans may go to to request a transcript.
  4. Apply for Financial Aid. Our FAFSA school code is 009826. You do not have to be full time to receive financial aid. (Although applying is optional, we encourage veterans to apply for financial aid because VA payments may be delayed for 2 months at the start of each semester due to processing delays beyond our control.)
  5. Apply for VA education benefits.
    • Veterans: VA Form 22-1990
    • Dependents of Veterans: VA Form 22-5490
  6. Save and print a copy of your application for VA Benefit. and submit it to the Financial Aid Office OR e-mail the application as a document to
    Dependents of disabled Veterans can apply for the State of Maine Tuition Waiver. Application/instructions are available at this website. Students need to print out the application and send required documentation to the state of Maine.
  7. Once you are accepted at KVCC, complete the New Student Orientation process to register for your classes: 
  8. Send to the Enrollment Services Center in the Frye Building, or e-mail to your Certificate of Eligibility. Notify Jill MacLean or Kathy Blair, VA Certifying Officials, that you have registered. If you have not yet received your Certificate of Eligibility, please submit a copy of your application for VA Benefits. Submit Certification Request form.
  9. Purchase books and materials and attend classes.

Certifying Veterans Benefit

The Certifying Official will:

  • Certify Veterans and Dependents for GI Bill® programs,
  • Verify courses required for your degree program, and
  • Advise Veterans and Dependents on GI Bill® benefits and allowances.

Please note that KVCC’s Certifying Officials (Kathy Blair and Jill MacLean) are employed by KVCC, not the VA, and do not have information on when checks are issued or mailed. If you have questions concerning receipt of VA benefits see #5 below.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Once you receive your VA certificate of eligibility, bring it to the Financial Aid Office in the Frye Building Enrollment Services Center.
  2. Meet with your Faculty Academic Advisor every semester to choose courses prior to registration. Only courses REQUIRED for your current degree or certificate program will be paid for by the VA. Courses not required for your current program will not be paid for by the VA. This can affect your BAH (Post 9/11 CH 33), monthly stipend (CH 30, 1606, 1607, 35) eligibility/amount and the amount paid to KVCC (Post 9/11 CH 33 and Voc Rehab CH 31).
  3. You must submit your Request for Certification form.
  4. You must inform the VA Certifying Official as soon as possible of any changes in your credit load, degree program, address, phone number, and email address. Failure to report change in credit load could result in overpayments by the VA which will be billed to the student. This may not be reflected for 3-4 months. You must let the VA Certifying Official know if you withdraw from a course, withdraw from school or stop attending.
  5. Veterans in Chapter 30 (Montgomery GI Bill®) 1606 (Guard/Reserve) or 1607 (REAP) must check in with the VA on the last day of each month to get paid. You can do that at: 1-877-823-2378 OR
  6. For questions such as: “When will I receive my check?” or “How will changing my credit load change my monthly check?” call 1-888-442-4551 OR
    The first check of each semester can be delayed for 8-12 weeks. If 8 weeks has passed and you have not received your first check for that semester, please e-mail and request your certification ID number. This is the number you will need to give to the VA if you choose to call them to find out when you will receive your check. The certification ID number is proof of your certification and changes each semester.

Monthly Housing Allowance

Section 107 of the Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2017 requires the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to calculate monthly housing payments based on the campus location where a student attends the majority of classes. This provision affects students attending any terms that begin on or after August 1, 2018.

Section 107 of the Colmery Act requires housing payments to be calculated based on the “campus of the institution of higher learning where the individual physically participates in the majority of classes.” Prior to this law, payments were based on the “institution of higher learning at which the individual is enrolled.” This section of the law will require a new process to allow schools the ability to report the specific zip code locations of program attendance that may not be represented by the VA “facility code(s)” your school has been assigned.

Student housing allowance payments have always been based on the housing rates tied to zip codes; however, VA systems use the “facility code” on the enrollment certifications to in turn locate the zip code of the facility in order to pay the student’s housing allowance.

These facility codes and associated zip codes often do not represent the locations that individuals “physically participate” in their program.

VA interprets this statute to include the physical attendance at any location a student’s program may take them. Those locations are often different than the zip code of your “facility code” location:

  • Actual campus locations of the school where the student is taking classes; for example, the school’s science center, humanities building, or athletic center may be in a different zip code than the facility code’s listed zip code.
  • Terms spent in a study abroad program are not located at the certified facility code location.
  • Any internship, externship, practicum, or student teaching experiences may also be in a zip code location other than the one associated with zip code associated with the facility code listed on the enrollment certification.

Extension Centers:

Main Campus
92 Western Ave
Fairfield, Maine 04937

Harold Alfond Campus
23 Stanley Road
Hinckley, Maine 04944

VA Forms

VA Certification Request Form
You must complete this form each semester that you want KVCC to certify your enrollment with the VA.  We recommend you complete this form after you have registered for courses for the upcoming semester.

WAVE Information
Welcome to the GI Bill Website – U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs (

VA Forms now available at

VA Form 22-1995
Application for Change of Program or Place of Training – Veterans, National Guard/Reservists

VA Form 28-1900
Disabled Veterans Application for Vocational Rehabilitation

VA Form 22-5495
Application for Change of Program or Place of training for Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance

VA Form 24-0296
Direct Deposit Enrollment

Counseling &  Referral Services, Disability Services and Resources for Veterans and Their Families

  • Are you having trouble balancing life priorities and school?
  • Do you need a referral to an outside provider and don’t know where to go?
  • Feeling overwhelmed with your role as a veteran student?
  • Did you recently experience a crisis?   

To make an appointment:

Call Melissa Clement at 207-431-2694
130 Lunder Hall, Fairfield Campus
As scheduled on the Alfond Campus

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be accepted to KVCC to apply for veterans benefits?
NO. You should apply for VA GI Bill® Benefits as soon as you can because it takes a few months to get processed.

What is full-time at KVCC?
Full time is 12 credits/semester. However, for the summer semester, or for modules/semesters less than a standard length, determination of full-time is made by the VA, based on “rate of pursuit.”  The VA Certifying Official certifies the credit load and beginning and end dates of the summer semester courses (which have varying beginning and end dates) and the VA determines whether the student’s course load is full time, 3/4 time, 1/2 time or less than 1/2 time.  Questions about enrollment status in summer should be referred to the VA (1-888-442-4551).

Do I need to be enrolled in a degree/certificate program to receive veterans benefits?
YES. The exception to this is if you are in an approved non-credit short term course.

How does the VA know that I am enrolled in classes and should be receiving benefits?
The KVCC Certifying Official (CO) informs the VA that you are attending classes after you have registered and submitted the Certification Request Form. In order to be certified, you must be enrolled in a degree/certificate program and enrolled in courses that are required for that program.

I am a dependent of a 100% disabled veteran, and I receive the State of Maine Tuition Waiver. Does the State of Maine pay the college?
NO. The State of Maine provides the College with a certificate of your eligibility to receive the waiver. The waiver only covers tuition and mandatory fees. The Waiver does not cover the College Health Insurance, or books. Students must pay for the College Health Insurance fee.

I am a post-9/11 (CH-33) GI Bill® Veteran. What does the VA pay for?
The Post 9/11 GI Bill® covers tuition and mandatory fees, paid directly to the school, based on the percentage granted in your Certificate of Eligibility.  The VA provides a book stipend to the student each semester, and a monthly housing stipend (BAH), while school is in session. BAH is pro-rated, based on the student’s eligibility percentage and enrollment status. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 7 credits for the entire semester to be eligible for BAH, and 12 credits to receive 100% BAH. For those enrolled solely in distance/online learning, the housing allowance payable is equal to 1/2 the national average BAH for an E-5 with dependents.

Book stipend for post 9/11
Post 9/11 Benefits include a book stipend. Your book stipend is based on the number of credits in which you are enrolled, and is sent by the VA directly to you, the student. It is important to know that you will not receive your book allowance from the VA prior to starting classes. Therefore, we encourage you to apply for financial aid so that you can receive a book voucher at the KVCC bookstore to “charge” your books against your financial aid. If you take classes in the fall and spring and use the entire book allowance (total of $1,000) then there will be no book allowance in the summer semester. If you do not use the full amount, then the remaining money can be used for the summer semester if you take classes.

I am a vocational rehabilitation – CH 31 veteran. What should I do to receive payment?
Meet with your counselor at Togus who will issue both yourself and the College a 1905 form for certification. The VA pays the College for your tuition, fees, books, and supplies. Please let the VA Certifying Official know if you drop a course, withdraw from one or more courses, stop attending KVCC.  The VA Certifying Official must submit an amended certification to Togus.

Can I change my major?
YES. You need to change your major with both the College and the VA.  There are different forms to use for Veterans and Dependents of Veterans, so you need to make sure you pick up the correct VA form. VA forms need to be filled out and returned to the Veterans’ Certifying Official in the Enrollment Services Center.

What about health insurance?
KVCC requires a 12 month Student Accident Insurance Plan for all matriculated students (students in a program).  Students will be automatically enrolled in the Accident-Only Insurance Plan 1 and billed an annual premium of $16.00.  This coverage is effective on August 15 to August 15 annually.  Please note that this Accident Insurance will not meet the requirements for health insurance under the current federal guidelines.

This cost is pro-rated for students beginning in January.  The cost assessed is $8.00.

For more information about this insurance plan, including claim instructions and benefits details, please follow this link:

I am a CH-30 (Montgomery GI Bill®), 1606 (Montgomery GI Bill®), or 1607 (REAP) veteran. How does the college get paid?
The VA pays the student directly. You are responsible for making your own payments to the College. The College will not wait for you to receive a check from the VA; therefore, it is suggested that you start a payment plan (for more information, contact the Cashier’s Office), pay in full prior to the semester start, or apply for financial aid to cover your charges.

Should I complete the FAFSA?
At KVCC, more than 2/3 of our matriculated students apply for financial aid to help them with their KVCC charges and other educationally-related expenses. Many students receiving veterans’ education benefits also qualify for federal student aid such as the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Work Study, and Federal Direct Loans. Receiving federal student aid does not impact the amount of benefits received from VA (though in some cases other private state, or National Guard scholarships can affect the amount of tuition reimbursement Chapter 33 (Post 9/11 GI Bill®) recipients receive from the VA).  We encourage you to consider applying for financial aid by completing a free application at For more information about financial aid programs at KVCC, please go to the Financial Aid Homepage.

Post 9/11 GI Bill® benefit tiers
All Post 9/11 GI Bill® benefit payments are based on the amount of creditable active-duty service each veteran has since Sept. 10, 2001. If you are an active-duty, National Guard, Selected Reserve member, or a veteran who has served on active-duty for 90 or more days since Sept. 10, 2001, the following table applies:

Post 9/11 Service                                             % of Max Amount Payable

At least 36 cumulative months (Includes Entry Level or Skills Training time) 100%
At least 30 continuous days on active duty and discharged due to service-connected disability (Includes Entry Level or Skills Training time) 100%
At least 30 cumulative months (Includes Entry Level or Skills Training time) 90%
At least 24 cumulative months (Cannot include Entry Level or Skills Training time) 80%
At least 18 cumulative months (Cannot include Entry Level or Skills Training time) 70%
At least 12 cumulative months (Cannot include Entry Level or Skills Training time) 60%
At least 6 cumulative months (Cannot include Entry Level or Skills Training time) 50%
90 aggregate days (Cannot include Entry Level or Skills Training time) 40%

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at .

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