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Graduation Rates

GRS Statistics for 2023-2024

GRS Statistics for 2022-2023
GRS Statistics for 2021-2022
GRS Statistics for 2020-2021
GRS Statistics for 2019-2020
GRS Statistics for 2018-2019
GRS Statistics for 2017-2018
GRS Statistics for 2016-2017
GRS Statistics for 2015-2016
GRS Statistics for 2014-2015
GRS Statistics for Cohort Year 2010

MaineEARNS provides information on employment and wage outcomes for Maine workers who graduated from the University of Maine System and Maine Community College System after July 2008. Students, parents, educators, administrators, policy makers, and anyone interested in earning education credentials and employment in Maine will be able to use this data to research, plan and make informed decisions

Graduate Surveys

Kennebec Valley Community College is pleased to provide the following information regarding our institution’s graduation/completion and transfer-out rates.

View Recent graduate surveys:

2020-2022 Graduate Survey
2019-2021 Graduate Survey
2018-2020 Graduate Survey
2017-2019 Graduate Survey
2016-2018 Graduate Survey
2015-2017 Graduate Survey
2014-2016 Graduate Survey
2013 Graduate Survey
2011 Graduate Survey
2010 Graduate Survey
2009 Graduate Survey
2008 Graduate Survey
2007 Graduate Survey
2006 Graduate Survey
2005 Graduate Survey
2004 Graduate Survey
2003 Graduate Survey

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