Counseling + Support Services

Counseling Services

Kennebec Valley Community College strives to foster the wellbeing of all students. Counseling services provides students with an opportunity to explore concerns and problems or for personal development in a confidential setting. Counseling is available for all KVCC students FREE of charge. See some Counseling FAQ’s below. Counseling services can also assist you by making referrals or help you find community resources near you that will best fit your needs.


KVCC also offers free access to a mental health peer support network called TalkCampus. TalkCampus is here for everyone and anyone who just needs someone to talk to. Get instant support for your mental health any time of day and night. Learn more and download the app here.

Mental Health Emergency or Crisis Services

While we try to be flexible with scheduling and try to be as available as possible for students during difficult times, counseling services are not available 24/7 and should not be substituted during an emergency situation.

If you or someone you know is in an immediate mental health crisis, please call one of the following: Maine Crisis Line at 1-888-568-1112. The Suicide Prevention Hotline has an online chat feature and you can get support by text through Crisis Text Line that is Free, 24/7 & Confidential – (Text START to 741-741). Or you can always call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) and speak with someone by phone.

In the event of an emergency on campus, call 911 immediately and then notify the KVCC ERT at 453-5700. If you are worried about a specific individual or have any concerns, please contact Campus Security at 453-KV-1-1 (453-5811).

Counseling FAQ’s

What is Counseling?
Counseling is a resource for people who are struggling in some aspect of their lives or can be for people who want to engage in counseling for personal growth. Counseling involves meeting and talking with a trained professional, usually for around 45 minutes.

Is there a charge for counseling?
No, counseling is free at KVCC and does not bill insurance. Your counselor may recommend more intensive care or specialized treatment for you that may require insurance and your counselor will assist in making those referrals for you if needed.

What should I expect from Counseling at KVCC?
Counseling can be different depending on your needs. You can meet with a counselor regularly or you can meet just once or twice. Usually during the first or second session, you will be asked a lot of questions so the counselor can get to know you and your situation better.

Is the information we talk about part of my Student Record?
No, the information shared is confidential unless you sign a release indicating otherwise. There are times when information will not remain confidential: to protect yourself or someone else of serious harm, if there is abuse or neglect of a child or an incapacitated adult and times when information is subpoenaed by a court of law.

Community Support Services

2-1-1 Maine

This is a comprehensive statewide directory of over 8,000 health and human services available in Maine. The toll free 2-1-1 hotline connects callers to trained call specialists who can help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Finding the answers to health and human services questions and locating resources is as quick and easy as dialing 2-1-1.


Care & Comfort

Care and Comfort provides professional home health and mental health services to Maine residents since 1991. Their mission is to provide the best possible care to clients and their families throughout Maine. In an effort to best serve their clients, customer service goals are frequently reviewed and adjusted so that their hard working staff may continue to meet the highest standards of care. They accept MaineCare, most health insurances and private pay.


Community Health and Counseling Services

CHC&S is a private non-profit organization that provides community-based home health, hospice and mental health services to adults and children in central, eastern, southern and northern Maine.  More than 9,000 people benefit each year from the efforts of professional, support, and management staff of the agency.


Maine Statewide Crisis Hotline (1-888-568-1112 – Voice/TTY)

If you are concerned about yourself or about somebody else, call the crisis hotline. This will connect you to your closest crisis center.


Family Violence Project

The Family Violence Project provides services to help people who are dealing with abuse and violence in their relationships or in their family. If you’re frightened, worried about your safety and the safety of your children, or confused by what’s going on in your relationship, call us right now. If you suspect someone you know might be in an abusive situation, we want to help with that too. Our services are free and confidential. Help is available 24/7.


Kennebec Behavioral Health

KBH offers a comprehensive range of outpatient and medication services by experienced psychiatrists and counselors. Adults, children, and family services are available. KBH’s one-call Access Center provides centralized access to services at all of our locations.

Phone: 1-888-322-2136

  • KBH accepts referrals from a variety of sources including primary care physicians (PCPs), service agencies and individual providers, educators, state and municipal agencies, hospitals and self-referrals. Local providers are encouraged to use the . Self-referrals can call our Access Center to speak with an intake specialist to access services.
  • Intake specialists are educated also about many local resources and can help callers find services offered outside of Kennebec Behavioral Health, including transportation, shelters, public welfare and other community-based services in central Maine.
  • KBH accepts MaineCare (Medicaid), Medicare and private insurance. The Access Center at 1-888-322-2136 can provide information about financial assistance and other available community services.


Maine DHHS Webpage

This site can help assist you in finding services and resources for you or someone close to you. Services and resources include but are not limited to: SNAP benefits, hotlines, disability services, housing, adoption, long term care, and mental health.

Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Skyla Littlefield,


Sexual Assault Crisis & Support Center

The Center’s mission is to lessen the trauma-related suffering of sexual assault and promote healing by guiding those affected by sexual violence toward survival through support, advocacy, education and community collaboration. Text or call 1-800-871-7741 to talk to someone who can help, or click the “chat” button on the website. Text/chat available Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. Phone support available 24/7.


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