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Kennebec Valley Community College offers a wide variety of services and support for anyone taking courses through our Workforce Training department. Please browse the resources below and use the links to see more information.

Students may also visit our: Workforce Training Student Orientation for a guided tour

Services Offered:  



Kennebec Valley Community College knows that careful academic advising is essential for a successful educational experience. The advising staff at KVCC are happy to assist students with current or future degree programs at KVCC.

Advising Center Services Include:

– Degree Planning

– Policy Clarification

– Support Referral

– Transfer Assistance

Career & Major Exploration


Short-term Training Advising

If you are in one of our short-term training programs (not in a 1-year certificate or 2-year degree program), please reach out to Diane Pierce in Workforce Training for advising questions: 207-453-5083 or

Counseling Services


Kennebec Valley Community College strives to foster the wellbeing of all our students. Counseling Services with Carolyn Wyman are FREE to all KVCC and Workforce Training students. Your counselor may recommend more intensive care or specialized treatment for you that may require insurance. Your counselor will assist you in making those referrals if needed.  

Accessibility Services

Kennebec Valley Community College’s Accessibility Services helps our Workforce Training students determine accommodations, facilitate access, and provide needed auxiliary aids and services. It is the student’s responsibility to identify themselves as having a disability and formally request accommodations by emailing and providing documentation.

The nature of a student’s disability, the content of documentation and other records on file are confidential and maintained in a secure place which is not part of the student’s record.


What Can the Tutors at KVCC Do?

Peer/Professional Tutor Do’s

– Support students in understanding the academic material

– Provide students with the skills to succeed in the course

– Assist in understanding assignments

– Help students navigate course materials

– Provide guidance in completing assignments

– Connect students to all necessary campus resources

– Tutors may limit hours, based on determined need

Peer/Professional Tutor Don’ts

– Take tests or complete assignments for students

– Over-support students with an entire assignment

– Provide personal favors

– Provide daily support for an individual student


Career Services

Northern Kennebec Valley CareerCenter
Averill Building, KVCC Alfond Campus
23 Stanley Road, Hinckley, ME 04944

The Northern Kennebec Valley CareerCenter is part of the Maine Department of Labor and partners with Kennebec Valley Community College to provide a variety of employment and training services at no charge for Maine workers and businesses. We are also available to assist eligible KVCC students that are in need of tuition assistance or support services during their training period. Support services may include mileage reimbursement, required tools or uniforms, books, or childcare assistance. The CareerCenter hosts Job Fairs on a quarterly basis. CareerCenter services are free of charge.

We can assist individuals seeking:

Maine JobLink and Employment
The Northern Kennebec Valley CareerCenter is the place to start when you are looking for your first job, a better job, or a whole new career. It’s also the place to find information about training and education opportunities.

We offer a wide variety of job postings from across the state of Maine. Our data base, Maine JobLink, lists thousands of job openings and can match you with jobs you are seeking. The CareerCenter has an information center that offers access to computers, telephones, a fax machine and a copy machine to assist you with your job search. For more information, call 474-4950 or click on the link below:

The Maine Department of Labor provides equal opportunity in employment and programs. Auxiliary aids and services are available to individuals with disabilities upon request. Programs are provided as a proud partner of the American Job Center network.

Veterans Services
The State of Maine is committed to providing veterans with outstanding employment services and career opportunities. At the Northern Kennebec Valley CareerCenter, veterans and eligible spouses receive Priority of Service for all MDOL services, including employment, training, and placement services. We offer career counseling, job coaching, job development, resume development, interviewing skills and referrals to resources.

The CareerCenter has a veteran that fills the role of Disabled Veteran Outreach Program Specialist (DVOP – counsels veterans in all aspects of job search and career development) and a veteran that fills the role of Local Veterans Employment Representative (LVER – works with employers to facilitate employment opportunities for veterans).

To find out more , contact or call 474-4950.

You served your country, now let us serve you.

For other online resources:

Competitive Skills Scholarship Program
The Competitive Skills Scholarship Program (CSSP) assists qualified individuals with expenses not covered by Pell Grants or other scholarships including:

➢ Tuition and fees
➢ Required books, supplies, tools, equipment, uniforms
➢ Classroom related childcare
➢ Transportation
➢ Monthly training stipend for income eligible trainees

Qualification criteria:

➢ Be at least 18 years old
➢ Do not already have a marketable post-secondary degree or marketable certificate
➢ Family income less than 200% of the federal poverty level
➢ Want education or training for a high-wage, in-demand occupation
➢ Live in Maine and are legally eligible to work in the U.S.
➢ Can successfully undertake and complete the program

The CSSP program offers up to $6,000 per year toward the cost of full-time training and up to $3,000 per year for part-time training.
To view a list of high-wage, in-demand occupations or apply for the program, please visit the CareerCenter web site at:

or call the Northern Kennebec Valley CareerCenter at 207-474-4950. TTY users call Maine Relay 711.

The Maine Apprenticeship Program works with Maine businesses to provide a registered, earn while you learn, program for workers. An apprenticeship is a minimum of one year and includes at least 2,000 hours of structured on-the-job training and 144 hours per year of related classroom instruction.

From the first day of work, apprentices earn a paycheck while receiving practical on-the-job training in an occupation. The hands-on training results in improved skills and competencies as well as the potential to earn a certificate or college credits toward a degree. At the successful completion of the program, workers earn a certified, portable credential that meets the highest standards and is accepted by industries and employers across the U.S.A.

Companies are identifying the importance of growing their own workforce through registered apprenticeships. The Maine Apprenticeship Program works with businesses that have current employees that need enhanced skills to keep pace with the industry or new employees that need customized training to learn and maintain the required job skills.

The Maine Apprenticeship Program does not place individuals in apprenticeship slots but maintains a list of registered apprenticeship businesses and can discuss the positive outcomes of apprenticeship with any company.

For more information: or call 207-623-7981.

To find a Maine business involved in apprenticeship near you:

The following workshops are available on an individual or group basis through the Northern Kennebec Valley CareerCenter.

Resume Development
Learn the basic do’s and don’ts’ s of resume writing, how to use key words and phrases to catch an employer’s attention, discover websites for skills identification, and learn how to produce a resume that will work for you.

Career Moves
Are you unemployed, employed but considering a change, or recently certified or graduated in a new occupation? Join us on Tuesday’s at 10:00 a.m. at the Northern Kennebec Valley CareerCenter. This group offers professional advice, tools for career exploration and events that can lead to work. For more information, contact Margo Hanlon at
or call (207) 474-4955.

Interview Workshop
Find out how to have the ultimate job interview. Learn how to prepare for an interview, discover what employers are looking for and follow-up advice that will help you land the position you truly want.

Preparing for a Job Fair
Learn how to present yourself for success during a Job Fair. We cover information on how to prepare, how to dress for the Job Fair, how to engage with employers, and what to do after the Job Fair.

CareerCenter staff can work individually or in groups (maximum of 20 participants at a time). To find out more information, please visit the Northern Kennebec Valley CareerCenter or call (207) 474-4950 or toll free 1-800-760-1572.

The Maine Department of Labor provides equal opportunity in employment and programs. Auxiliary aids and services are available to individuals with disabilities upon request. Programs are provided as a proud partner of the American Job Center network.

Finding Employment

Job Boards


Maine Joblink |  

Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce ( 

Maine Association of Nonprofits ( 

Live + Work in Maine

Maine Municipal Association




Job Search Tips

STOP applying to jobs where you meet 100% of the requirements.

60-70% is enough. 
Here is why: 
– You will not grow into the position 
– Your job will probably be boring 
– You won’t be learning new things 
– You will have a feeling of stagnation 
What matters to companies is that you can do the job. 
What matters to you is that you can Grow! 
Find the right balance. 
Go and find a job opening that can get you to the next level.

Contact a current or former employee of that business.

This is the beauty of the internet and that there is always a way to connect, and research is KEY!   

Here’s how to do it:  

– Go to LinkedIn  

– Search and follow the company you’re looking to apply to 

– Connect with those from that business  

– Reach out to them to gain further information about the company!  

Make Connections

Not only are you gaining insight into the company culture, mission, and operations, but you could also be gaining references!  

Talk the talk and make sure it's authentic.

All companies use key words that they find important to them inside of job listings or job posts.   

This is your best chance to catch their eye, but be sure to set yourself apart and not to just repeat phrases with little to no context:  

– Relate key words or phrases to yourself 

– Use it to tell a story about your qualifications for the position 

– Use it to show a learning opportunity you wish to have in your new role  

Do Your Research 

Every company uses their own lingo, and the closer you can align yourself to it the better!  

Be sure to cross reference and ALWAYS apply on the official website.

If you find a business on a job board, be sure to:   

– Go to the company website and look under their hiring section to make sure the job post is up to date and accurate 

– Apply on the company’s official website 

– Do research on the company while on their page and learn more about what they do, who the key role players are, and give you key information to be able to tailor your resume to them!  

Apply Directly and Follow Up

Your application can be lost on a job board with a large sea of people doing rapid applying. This significantly reduces the chance of your application standing out among the crowd.   

Your best option – apply on the official website and follow up with an email or call after a couple of days. This puts your name on top of the pile and gives you the best odds for a call back!  

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