KVCC Student Success Support

Welcome to the Lunder Student Success Center!


In person (Lunder Rm. 115) and virtual Academic Support (Tutoring) for most courses is free to all KVCC students all spring 2024 semester!

Meet your KVCC Student Success Academic Support Team (Tutoring)

KVCC Academic Success Area Hours

Fairfield Campus, 115 Lunder Hall 453-5186:

Academic Success Area- (Lunder Hall Room. 115 Fairfield Campus)
Day Hours 
Monday 11a-5p
Tuesday 11a-5p
Wednesday  11a-6p
Thursday  11a-6p
Friday  11a-3p
Saturday  10a- 12pm
Sunday  Closed

Alfond Campus, 203 Averill Hall:

Averill Student Success (Alfond Campus Fairfield Campus) (Student Success Supports by appointment)- 

Virtual Academic Support Drop-In Hours:

Virtual Academic Support Drop-in Hours (https://zoom.us/j/7426662218)
Day Hours 
Monday 3p-5p
Tuesday 11a -1p
Wednesday  3p-5p, 7p-9p
Thursday  1p-3p, 7-9p
Friday  10a-12p
Saturday  By Appointment
Sunday  By Appointment
Lunder Student Success Center

The Mission: The mission of the Student Success Center at KVCC is to provide an inviting and supportive environment that facilitates student-centered learning and creates an immersive KVCC experience.

The Vision: The vision of the Student Success Center is the creation of a dynamic learning environment that provides the KVCC community with a flexible and collaborative space that responds to individual learning styles, promotes lifelong learning, and builds the KVCC community.

Spring 2024 Student Success Programming

TEAS Test Prep

Technology Support

The Student Success Center has a variety of technology for students to use and borrow:

Averill Student Success Area

  • Dell laptop – loan daily
  • graphing calculator – loan daily
  • basic calculator – loan weekly/daily
  • ID operated color and general photo copier
  • Color and general printer

Lunder Student Success Center

    • Microsoft Surface Pros- Short Term Loans
    • iPad – loan daily up to weekly (per approval)
    • graphing calculator – loan daily
    • Dell laptop – loan daily
    • basic calculator – loan daily/weekly
    • ID operated general photo copier
    • General printer (Black and White and Color)
    • Mac classroom with general printer (as available)

Study Areas

Study Spaces

Lunder Student Success Center has the following study spaces for students, faculty and staff to use:

Testing/Study Room (capacity 4 people) – Lunder 113,: This room is used as a testing room but when not in use can be used as a quiet study room.  This room contains a computer for use.  

Reserve at the Student Success Center information desk. Open Study areas throughout the commons – single to group areas/tables

Averill Student Study Areas has the following study spaces for students, faculty and staff to use:

Testing/Study Room (capacity 6 people) –Averill 205: This room is used as a testing room.  

Reserve at the Student Success Center information desk.  – An open eating/study space with a refrigerator, microwave, and Keurig machine Open Study areas

Averill 203: Spaces throughout the student success area – group tables with single seating available

Contact Us

For any additional information and/or questions please contact:

Student Success Center Information Desk

Lunder, Fairfield Campus – 207.453.5004

Averill, Alfond Campus – 207.453.3507

Academic Support Area- Academic Support (Tutoring)

115 Lunder, Fairfield Campus – 207.453.5186



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