Tenders & Procurement Notices

Below you will find links to RFPs, RFQs & requests for bids issued by Kennebec Valley Community College.

Please pay close attention to the deadlines in each request, as late proposals will not be considered.  Any proposal not signed by a senior corporate official may be rejected.  KVCC reserves the right to reject any or all proposals received.

Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

Date of Tender Due Date Status Project Name Department
18 SEPT 2023 06 OCT 2023 Open Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs Electrical Lineworker Technology
08 SEPT 2023 29 SEP 2023 Open Cafe and Catering Services Operations
06 JUL 2023 21 JUL 2023 Closed Vending and Micro Market Services Facilities
29 JUN 2023 07 JUL 2023 Closed Advancement Consulting Services Foundation
05 JUN 2023 23 JUN 2023 Closed Interior Painting-Repost Facilities
16 JUN 2023 Interior Paint-Repost Addendum I
12 MAY 2023 31 MAY 2023 Closed Interior Painting Facilities
Interior Painting Addendum I
24 FEB 2023 17 MAR 2023 Closed Carter Hall First Floor Carpet Facilities
01 FEB 2023 15 FEB 2023 Closed Automated Mail System Operations
Automated Mail System Addendum I
13 DEC 2022 10 JAN 2023 Closed Forestry Management Services Facilities
Harold Alfond Campus Aerial Map
Forestry Management Services Addendum I
Forestry Management Services Addendum II
13 DEC 2022 31 JAN 2023 Closed Digital Printer and Copier Solutions Information Technology
Digital Printer and Copier Solutions Addendum I
Digital Printer and Copier Solutions Addendum II
Printer Inventory
Printer Locations
Printer Data
25 OCT 2022 28 NOV 2022 Closed Wayfinding Signage Fairfield Campus Facilities
Wayfinding Signage Fairfield Campus Attachment I
Wayfinding Signage Fairfield Campus Addendum I
06 OCT 2022 8 NOV 2022 Closed Exterior Building Signage Facilities
Exterior Building Signage Addendum I
Exterior Building Signage Addendum II
24 AUG 2022 23 SEP 2022 Closed Custodial Equipment Facilities
Custodial Equipment Addendum
01 AUG 2022 19 AUG 2022 Closed Steam Trainers Workforce Development
Steam Trainers Addendum
05 JUL 2022 29 JUL 2022 Closed Cafe and Catering Services Auxiliary Services
Cafe and Catering Services Addendum
26 MAY 2022 13 JUN 2022 Closed Grant Writing Services Business Office
Grant Writing Services Addendum I
Grant Writing Services Addendum II

Open Requests for Qualifications (RFQs)

Date of Tender Status Project Name Department
13 DEC 2022 Closed Averill Hall and Rec Center Roof Replacements

Notice to Architects and Engineers

19 JUL 2022 Closed Existing Conditions Analysis Project

Notice to Architects and Engineers


Open Requests for Bids

Date of Tender Due Date Status Project Name Department
23 AUG 2023 15 SEP 2023 Open Sheds Business Office

Shed     Shed

02 DEC 2022 14 DEC 2022 Closed Sheds Business Office

Solar Shed     Solar Shed    Solar Shed    Solar Shed

Shed    Shed    Shed

02 DEC 2022 14 DEC 2022 Closed Equipment

Brock Pellet Silo

Maine Eco S56 Pellet Boiler

Froling FHG Turbo 20 Wood Boiler

Fahrenheit Technologies 50F Pellet Stove

04 OCT 2022 14 OCT 2022 Closed Unfinished Shed Request for Bids Business Office
Photo -1

Photo -2

15 JUN 2022 12 JUL 2022 Closed Carter Hall AC Upgrades Request for Bids Facilities
       Carter Hall AC Upgrades Notice to Contractors
03 JUN 2022 21 JUN 2022 Closed Carter Hall Cashier Office Renovation Request for Bids Facilities
      Carter Hall Cashier Office Renovation Notice to Contractors
      Carter Hall Cashier Office Renovation Addendum I


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