Workforce Training for Businesses

Is your business expanding? Do your current Maine workers need new skills? At KVCC, we work closely with companies to provide customized training for new hires and existing employees to help keep a company competitive.  We are your training partner for leadership skills, technical training, industry certifications, curriculum development, consultation, and more.


Our team will meet with your company and work together to design a training program that will be customized to meet your specific needs, so your employees develop the skills they need to move your company forward.

Workforce Development Grants

We can discuss your training needs and assist you in obtaining funds to train your workforce.  At KVCC, we have access through the Maine Quality Center (MQC) to obtain customized workforce training grants for Maine employers seeking to locate or expand their operations in.

Maine or who are interested in providing training to new hires and their existing workers.

For more information on how we can help meet your workforce training needs to give your company that competitive edge, contact us at:

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