Biological Sciences is an exciting and rapidly changing field of study. The study of living things has undergone tremendous expansion in recent years. The Biological Sciences program provides an ideal and flexible path for students to begin their educational journey in this field. The Biological Science degree provides students with strong knowledge base in the life sciences additional to the skills relevant to a variety of employment opportunities. Emphasis is placed on the scientific method and critical analysis for students who wish to transfer to a Biology program at a Baccalaureate degree institution. This 60-credit program develops an understanding of biological principles which underlie all living things, instills a sense of inquiry, and sharpens analytical thinking skills.

“For me, KVCC is close to home, and the price is right. I also love the modern labs, and how much hands-on time I have in my biology class.”
—KVCC Biology Student

Program Information

Educational Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Health Science
Certificate program, the graduate is expected to:

  1. Apply methods of scientific inquiry in biology.
  2. Demonstrate appropriate laboratory techniques and mastery of basic laboratory skills.
  3. Effectively convey, both orally and in writing, a knowledge of biological content, methods, and
  4. Locate, critically analyze, interpret, and discuss primary research literature within the biological
  5. Demonstrate critical thinking, problem solving,
    data gathering and analysis, and interpretation
    of results to address practical questions in biology.

Career Opportunities

• Biotechnology production facilities
• Quality control and assurance
• Research laboratories
• Government agencies


For more information, please contact:

Enrollment Services
(207) 453-5822

Program Faculty

James Guillemette, Science Department Chair
Scott Ballard, Math Department Chair
Lauren Beane, Science Faculty
Judy Harris, Science Faculty
Jared Harvey, Math Faculty