KVCC College Archives

The archive is located at Lunder Building on the Fairfield campus. The Kennebec Valley Community College Archive is a member of the Association of Maine Archives and Museums and a contributor to the Maine Memory Network.


The Kennebec Valley Community College Archive contains thousands of records that are divided into nine major collections.  Some of these collections are themselves broken down into subsections, referred to as series.

These Collections are:

  • Maine School of Practical Nursing
  • Correspondences
  • Publications
  • Accreditation
  • Photographic
  • Campus Life
  • Maine Community College System
  • Kennebec Valley Community College Archive
  • Oral History

Displays & Exhibits

Since its reestablishment in 2007, the Archive has sought to create a variety of displays and exhibits to promote the College’s history. Among these are:

  • 40th Celebration, Gilman Street Campus 1978-1986
  • Maine School of Practical Nursing
  • Russian Connections.

The Archive also has three online exhibits on the Maine Memory Network:

  • Carlton P. Fogg – Advocate for Vocational Education
  • KVVTI’s Gilman Street Campus 1978-1986
  • Practical Nursing in Waterville.

The Archive has a Tumblr blog, kvccarchive

Finding Aids

A Finding is the archival equivalent of a catalog. It includes a variety of different types of documents that enable patrons to find the materials they are interested in. The KVCC Archive has, among others:

  • A Summary Guide
  • Box List
  • Article Index
  • Publications List
  • An assortment of File Lists

For More Information

Contact Stephen LaRochelle – Director of Library Services slarochelle@kvcc.me.edu.

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