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Welcome to the KVCC Center for Civic Engagement. This page provides information to Community Partners, Faculty, and students on the activities of the CCE.

Community Partners
Are you an organization or business interested in partnering with KVCC students and Faculty? Visit the the “What is Service-Learning” and “Becoming a Community Partner” sections below.

Are you interested in having students engage more deeply in your class material through civic engagement? Visit the “What is Service-Learning” and “Service-Learning at KVCC” sections below.

Do you have to complete a Service-Learning project for your class? Do you want to enhance your learning and experience through service in the community? Do you have a special project you would like to work on to change the world (a little bit)? Visit the “What is Service-Learning,” “Service Learning at KVCC,” “Search for Volunteer Opportunities,” and the “Initiatives” sections below.

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Specific information related to the KVCC Center for Civic Engagement.

Mission and Purpose


The mission of the KVCC Center for Civic Engagement is to educate, inform, excite, and motivate students, faculty and community partners regarding the personal, educational, and societal benefits of integrating Service-Learning and Civic Engagement into one’s personal, academic, and social life.


The purpose of the KVCC Center for Civic Engagement is to provide sustainable structure within the college to support the civic mission of the college, to engage the local and wider community, to inform our community members regarding the need for civic engagement, and to support the continued pursuit of justice and equity in our society.

What is Service-Learning?

Defining Service-Learning

Service-Learning describes a teaching method that connects community service with the information and knowedge that one gains in the classroom.  The hyphen (-) between the worlds “service” and “learning” is the key to understanding this concept.

While both “service” and “learning” are essential aspepects of Service-Learning, the hypen implies a “reflective” component as well.  Students who engage in Service-Learning projects are usually tasked with engaging in a deep reflection of their experiences and how they relate to their class, their academic program, their career, and their personal lives.  This reflection is the component that makes Service-Learning the powerful learning experience that it can be!

In addition to reflecting on class content, program, career, and personal impacts, students are asked to reflect upon the impact the experience has had in a number of areas:

  • Personal
  • Interpersonal
  • Academic
  • Occupational
  • Civic

KVCC is a member of the Maine Campus Compact

Learn more about the National Campus Compact 

Service-Learning at KVCC

Getting Involved

Service-Learning and Civic Engagement are vital aspects of the mission of Kennebec Valley Community College.  Among other outcomes of our definition of the Educated Person, KVCC strives to enabel students to:

“Solve problems and make decisions based upon logical thinking and analysitical skills; and respect cultural, ethical, and intellectual diversity as involved members of their communites.

So what does it take to be an “involved member” of your community?

  • Awareness of social issues and events in your community
  • Personal education as to the facts and diversity of perspectives on these issues
  • Active involvement in the issues you are passionate about

Service-Learning Courses at KVCC

The following courses have integrated Service-Learning as either an optional or required element of the course and have embedded Service-Learning learning outcomes into the course.

The Center for Civic Engagement works in collaboration with these Faculty to help and guide the curriculum and the students.  Feel free to reach out to both your Faculty and the Center for Civic Engagement with any questions.

Business Administration

  • BUS 218 – The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Small Business Management

Mental Health

  • MHT 104 – Community Mental Health
  • MHT 125 – The Changing Workplace
  • MHT 214 – Incest, Sexual Abuse, and Trauma
  • MHT 220 – Case Management

Liberal Studies

  • COM 104 – Introduction to Communication

Occupational Therapy

  • OTS 216 – Occupational Therapy for Special Populations

Physical Therapy

  • PTS 211 – Physical Therapy Assistant III


  • PSY 212 – Positive Psychology
  • PSY 213 – Social Psychology
  • PSY 234 – Research Methods

Social Sciences

  • SOC 101 – Introduction to Sociology

Service-Learning Resources for Students

Service-Learning Resources for Faculty

Interested in incorporating Service Learning into your course(s)?  The CCE can help with:

  • Defining service learning projects for your course and/or discipline
  • Help assess the effectiveness of your Service-Learning projects in meeting your course and program goals
  • Provide in-class presentations on Service-Learning
  • Help track your students’ service-learning projects
Becoming a Community Partner
2019-2020 Initiatives

If you have any interest in any of these initiatives, please feel free to contact

Dr. Mark Kavanaugh at

Music @ Moody

In the Spring we will be making plans for the restart of Music @ Moody.  We will be looking for Maine artists to fill up a schedule of musical acts that will take place in our beautiful Moody Chapel at the Alfond Campus in Hinckley.  We are looking for anyone interested in serving on a Planning Board and/or volunteering at the actual concerts.

Documenting Service and Events

One of the purposes of the Center for Civic Engagement is to document the community engagement and services that are initatied by our Faculty, Studets, Staff, and Student Organizations.  The CCE is seeking individuals who would like to serve as Photo Journalists.  You will need to have a good camera or a good phone camera and be willing to attend events, take pictures, interview the people involved, and submit stories to be published by the CCE.

Reading to Dogs

This initiative is still under development.  Research has shown that reading childrens books to dogs who are a shelter increases the likelihood of them being adopted.  We are currently investigating the local area shelters to explore if they would like partner with us on this project.

Watch this video about reading to dogs!

Maine Equal Justice Partners

Maine Equal Justice focuses its work on many of the issues that affect people’s daily lives – access to adequate health care, housing, transportation and childcare; food and income security; and higher education and training.  We are the leading expert in the state on federal and state policies for Maine’s anti-poverty programs, including MaineCare, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and General Assistance.  MEJP works in partnership with people living in poverty to organize and advocate together for just laws and policies. We also provide education and training throughout the state on law and policy that directly impact individuals and families living on limited means.

Maine Equal Justice Partners website:

We are currently recruiting for the Equal Justice Partners’ Circle – our leadership development training program for folks impacted by poverty. Please nominate people you know who are ready for advocacy and leadership!

Please contact Mark Kavanaugh if you are interested in this organization.

Faith-Based Service

The Center for Civic Engagement has partnered with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship to develop service opportunities for students on campus.  From Jacob Marcoux of Intervarsity:

“Do you have a deep connection to your Christian faith and looking for an outlet? Mark 12:31 tells us to  to love our neighbor; we’re looking for individuals eager to see their community transformed by equipping and coming alongside their classmates to go out and do just that. There are real needs around you every day; in your classes, on your streets, in your families…Let’s not just talk; let’s get to work. Are you ready to lead like Jesus?

InterVarsity is currently looking for 3 Student Service Leaders.

Who we are looking for:

  • Christian students with a passion for loving others
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills
  • Well-organized
  • Good with time management
  • Able to effectively communicate with and lead groups of 5-10 peers
  • Comfortable having faith centered conversations
  • Agreement with InterVarsity’s belief statement,


  • Work on developing a system for identifying needs in the community
  • Recruit and advertise for service-learning opportunities
  • Schedule and participate in workdays
  • Participate in conversations surrounding the intersection of faith and service following each project.
  • Work directly with regional InterVarsity staff and the Office of Civic Engagement
  • Commit to role for 1 semester
    • 2-3 hours per week/ 12 hours per month
    • 2-3 projects per semester

If interested, please reach out to Jacob Marcoux at

Adult Support Services

The Shared Living Provider networking group meets at KVCC on every 3rd Monday of the month from 2 to 4.  We invite providers as well as the individuals they are working with to the meeting. We currently have 4 or 5 individuals show up to the meetings with their providers. The individuals have some sort of developmental disability, so they need some assistance with many daily activities which is why they are in the Shared Living Program.  Our hope is that we might be able to have some KVCC students work with them as part of their Community Service Project with the hope of providing them an activity and a chance to socialize with others.

As part of the project, we would like the students to work with the individuals in the gym while the meeting was going on unless the individuals would like to attend the actual meeting.  Things they have expressed some interest in the following activities:

  • Shooting Baskets
  • Hiking, walking
  • Cornhole
  • Working out
  • Watch movies and play games
  • Racquetball

If interested please reach out to Mark Kavanaugh or directly to Dan Harfoush at

KVCC Trails

Kennebec Messalonskee Trails Association is reaching out to work with KVCC staff and students to upgrade and maintain the KVCC trail system at the Alfond campus.  People interested in outdoor work, clearing brush and trees, and assisting with this project should contact Mark Kavanaugh.  This will be an ongoing project with potential work during the coming Winter into the Spring.

2020 Trek Across Maine

The KVCC Chain Lynx team will be participating in its 7th Trek Across Maine event bringing awareness of lung disease, treatment, and clean air.  The team has successfully raised 1000s of dollars to support the Lung Association.  Please reach out to Mark Kavanaugh if you are interested in riding, donating, or volunteering.

The event is held June 19-21, 2020.  More information on different rides and ways to participate can be found on the 2020 Trek Across Maine website.

The KVCC Chain Lynx Team Page:

2020 Corporal Cole Memorial Run

Jessica Gleason is once again organizing participation in the 2020 run honoring the memory of Corporal Cole.  They are looking for volunteers for the August 23, 2020 event.  We are also hoping to field a whole team of runners from KVCC!

Race Registration link:

Facebook Page:

Please contact Jessica Gleason at

Search for Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Maine is a project of the Maine Commission for Community Service. It was launched in 2002 as a means of creating a “one-stop” service for both citizens who want to volunteer and community groups seeking to address local problems through volunteer-powered solutions.

  • is a one-stop internet resource for volunteers and program staff.
  • Volunteer programs can recruit new volunteers, let donors know what goods or services they need, and reach potential board members.
  • Program staff can access online training and explore resources for improving program operation.
  • Citizens can search for opportunities to volunteer that match their interests.
  • Volunteers can track and report the time they devote to multiple causes and organizations from one place.

Over time, there have been a number of partners who shared the Commission’s goal for and contributed resources. In 2015, the United Ways of Maine adopted the section of the site that links people with volunteer opportunities.

The Maine Commission for Community Service manages the remainder of the site content with a focus on meeting the needs of the people and organizations that design or manage volunteer activities.

Maine Commission for Community Service

builds capacity and sustainability in Maine’s volunteer and service communities by funding programs, developing managers of volunteers, raising awareness of sector issues, and promoting service as a strategy.

The Commission was established in 1994 by Executive Order and under state statute in 1995. The 25 board members of the  Commission are appointed by the governor to three-year terms and each represents a specific segment of Maine’s volunteer sector.

The Commission is Maine government’s partner for the federal Corporation for National Service.

Volunteer Match

Volunteer Match is a national search engine for volunteer work.  It also includes the ability to search for “virtual volunteer” opportunities.

Assessment & Reports

CCE Program Assessment

Below you will find documentation related to the evaluation of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement across the KVCC community. This evaluation includes standards related to the Campus Compact “Indicators of an Engaged Campus” and the American Associatiion of Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) VALUE Rubrics

  • Click HERE for a summary of the standards associated with Campus Compact’s “Indicators of an Engaged Campus”
  • Click HERE to download a copy of the AAC&U’s VALUE Rubric for Civic Engagement

Data Collection and Reports

Below you will find links to data and reports on Service-Learning and Civic Engagement at KVCC.

Fall 2018 Semester Report
Summer 2018 Semester Report
Spring 2018 Semester Report

Spring 2017 Semester Report


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