Career Studies


Program Description:

The Career Studies program is a highly individualized program of study that takes into account all the life experience that a person has had in the work world. As many as 24 credit hours of academic work can be applied towards this degree if you have extensive and diverse work experience. Students build a portfolio that documents their experience and how it aligns with the outcomes of college courses. Students then take other classes to complete the degree.

“My career was sort of stuck since I did not have a college degree. When I learned about the Career Studies degree, I had to check it out. It took me half as long to finish thanks to the program. Now I can be promoted at my company and become a supervisor.”
—KVCC Career Studies Student

Advising is essential for assistance with Prior Learning Assessment of work or training experiences and progression through this program. The Department Chair is the assigned advisor for students in this program and will work with students to create an academic plan.

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What Graduates Can Do

  • Continue studies at universities
  • Write reports
  • Manage people in companies
  • Investigate problems
  • Receive promotions in their current jobs
  • Gather information and data

Career Opportunities

  • Military service
  • Small companies
  • Police departments
  • Family businesses
  • Public schools
  • Criminal justice entities
  • Service industries
  • Corrections


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