Business Administration: Marketing

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Program Description:

Kennebec Valley Community College offers an Associate in Applied Science degree in Business Administration with options in Accounting, Marketing/Management and Computer Systems Integration. The KVCC Business Administration programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

The Marketing/Management option provides the student with the background necessary to work toward managerial positions in organizations operating in the marketing of a product or in a service capacity. Students will also have the opportunity to work collaboratively with students from the other business options in a simulated office environment to include the “Virtual Office” and incorporated internship program.

“When I entered KVCC’s Business program, I was not sure what ‘business’ was even about. Now I want to learn even more. The world is complicated and interesting, and business is everywhere. I plan to get my 4-year degree next, and then I will have the knowledge to open my own business with confidence.”
—KVCC Business Student

The mission of the Business Administration program is to help the student develop marketable business skills while still providing the broader courses necessary to produce an “educated person”. Instead of limiting the education to narrow, technical training, the business faculty will help the students develop tools to use the rest of their lives.

The Business Administration program is made up of three business-related options, as follows: Accounting, Marketing/Management and Computer Systems Integration. Students from all business options will have the opportunity to apply their skills in a theoretical business plan or in a live internship.

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Educational Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Marketing/Management option, the graduate is expected to:

  1. Use communication and interpersonal skills to speak and write clearly, effectively, and persuasively in the world of business and commerce.
  2. Use the analytical skills needed to solve problems and make decisions related to the various functions required of an individual working in the field of marketing and management.
  3. As a member of the business community, recognize and respect cultural, ethnic, and intellectual diversity.

Student Achievement

Annual Fact Book

2017-2018 Academic Year

Table of Contents

Welcome to KVCC 1

Section 1: General Information 2

Section 2: Profile of Fall 2016 Students 6

Section 3: Trends for Credit Students 14

Section 4: Trends for Concurrently Enrolled Students 30

Section 5: Student Engagement & Satisfaction 33

Section 6: Student Success 41

Section 7: Student Financial Assistance 72

Section 8: KVCC Foundation 79

Section 9: Institutional Financial Data 84

Section 10: Employees 88

Section 11: Workforce Training & Professional Development 91

Section 12: Contribution to the Mid-Maine Region 95

Accreditation 99

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Criteria for Graduation

Students must complete 63 credits in the Business Administration – Marketing/Management option and achieve a minimum grade of “C” in designated common and program core courses (*). Students must attain a final GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Career Opportunities

Administrative Assistant                           Advertising
Associate Store Manager                          Human Relations Assistant
Industrial Sales Agent                             Insurance Adjuster
Insurance Agent                                      Retail Management Associate
Retail Marketing Agent                            Wholesale Sales Representative


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Jim Chapman

(207) 453-5170

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