KVCC Foundation Scholarships

General Academic Year and Summer Semester Scholarship Information

The KVCC Foundation and the Maine Community College system awards more than $600,000 in scholarships every year to significantly reduce the financial burden of college completion for more than 500 students.

General Scholarship Guidelines

KVCC Foundation and Maine Community College System Scholarship Recipients

  • must be in good academic standing with a minimum 2.5 GPA,
  • must be matriculated in a KVCC degree or certificate program,
  • must  be registered in at least six credits in the semester of award (3 credits summer),
  • must demonstrate unmet financial need as determined by the KVCC financial aid process (federal FAFSA methodology), preference may be given to students who are not eligible for grant aid (such as Pell or Maine State Grant),
  • If selected to receive a scholarship, will be notified of a scholarship award by email sent to their KVCC address,
  • must submit a signed and proof-read thank you letter and scholarship acceptance form, instructions and a due date will be emailed with scholarship award letters,
  • Summer scholarships are typically only available to students with unmet financial need (determined by FAFSA) who DO NOT have a summer Pell Grant sufficient to fund summer tuition and fees,
  • KVCC Foundation Scholarships are not automatically renewed. You must reapply each year. 
  • There is a separate application for each academic year and the summer semester,
  • Scholarship awards will be posted as a part of a student’s KVCC financial aid package and credited to the recipient’s student billing account. Please note that it may take 30 days, or more, for your scholarship award to disburse as a refund, if an account credit is generated.

How to Apply

Please note that students may only apply for an academic year (fall and/or spring semester) scholarship once per academic year.

If you have already been awarded a scholarship in the current academic year and are experiencing an emergent need or financial barrier, please contact the KVCC Foundation or KVCC Financial Aid Office through phone or email rather than submitting another scholarship application.

Summer Semester Scholarship Application

Academic Year Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application Processing Timeline

  • Only one academic year scholarship application will be reviewed per student per academic year.
  • Students may apply for both academic year and summer scholarship consideration.
  • Applications received prior to August 15th for the upcoming year will begin to be processed on September 15. Changes in program, enrollment, residency, or incomplete FAFSA information may cause delays beyond September 15th. 
  • Applications received between August 16-September 15 will be processed before September 28.
  • This monthly application review cycle for academic year scholarships will continue through the final February 15th application deadline. Applications received after the September 15th deadline but before the February 15th deadline will only be considered for a spring semester award.
  • Summer scholarship applications received prior to April 15th will begin to be processed on May 1st
  • Summer scholarship applications received between April 16-May 15 will be processed by May 31st.

Click here to learn how to accept your KVCC Foundation or Maine Community College System scholarship.

Emergent Need Scholarship Fund

In response to the unique and difficult challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the KVCC Foundation has established the KVCC Foundation Emergent Need Scholarship Fund to assist students experiencing unforeseen financial barriers that jeopardize KVCC enrollment and success. This fund is reserved for students in financial need due to a specific and unexpected financial barrier and may not be utilized for tuition, fees, textbooks or planned academic expenses.

Recipients must be currently enrolled in a KVCC degree or certificate program, have completed a FAFSA and have demonstrated unmet financial need (federal methodology) and a minimum 2.0 GPA. The maximum award amount is generally $400. Students may apply once per semester.

Apply Today: KVCC Foundation Emergent Need Scholarship Application


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