Summer Scholarship Application

To be eligible for a summer scholarship, scholarship applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Have unmet financial need as determined by a FAFSA form AND
  • Be matriculated in a KVCC degree or certificate program OR
  • Have a completed enrollment application on file for the fall semester.
  • Summer text book scholarships are offered occasionally on a funds available basis.
  • Summer scholarships are only available to students with unmet financial need (determined by FAFSA) and typically only to students who do not have a summer Pell Grant sufficient to fund summer tuition and fees.

Actual scholarship awards will be based on a student’s final course enrollment after the summer add/drop period. If you drop a course, your summer scholarship will be reduced. Adding a course does not guarantee a scholarship increase.

If you qualify for a summer Pell Grant, the Pell award will be applied to your summer bill first. If you have remaining unmet need, you will be considered for a summer scholarship to reduce your remaining summer tuition and fees charges which are not covered by a Pell Grant.

Summer Scholarship Application

  • please enter your seven digit KVCC student ID number
  • Please provide course numbers (PSY101, ENG101, MAT 117)
  • KVCC recognizes that students often have competing demands outside of class. KVCC currently has a childcare grant in collaboration with KVCap. The grant provides childcare supports and subsidies to qualifying students with child/ren that are younger than 5 years that are not eligible for kindergarten. If you would like KVCC to forward your KVCC scholarship application to KVCap to determine if you may be eligible for childcare supports and/or subsidy, please enter your name and date in the box below.
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