Summer Scholarship Application

To be eligible for a summer scholarship, scholarship applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Have unmet financial need as determined by a FAFSA form
    • Summer scholarships are only available to students with unmet financial need (determined by FAFSA) and typically only to students who do not have a summer Pell Grant sufficient to fund summer tuition charges.
    • If you qualify for a summer Pell Grant, the Pell award will be applied to your summer bill first. If you have remaining unmet need, you will be considered for a summer scholarship to reduce your remaining summer tuition charges which are not covered by a Pell Grant.
  • Be matriculated in a KVCC degree or certificate program OR
    • Have a completed enrollment application on file for the fall semester.
    • Summer courses must be required in your academic program

Important Dates and Application Processing Timeline for the Summer Scholarship Program

  • April 15th- priority consideration for a summer scholarship
    • Summer applications received prior to April 15th will begin to be processed on May 1st
    • Initial scholarship award offers will be $100 per summer credit hour ($300 per 3 credit course).
  • May 15th- deadline for students seeking a summer scholarship
    • Summer scholarship applications received between April 16-May 15 will be processed by May 31st.
  • Summer add/drop- after the summer add/drop period, summer scholarship recipients will receive their final summer scholarship award letter (via KVCC email).
    • This will inform recipients of any increase in the summer scholarship award.
    • This amount will be based on the number of eligible applicants, number of summer credits enrolled, and the amount of available funds.
    • This award typical ranges from a total summer scholarship award in the amount of $150-$200 per summer credit enrolled. We are often required to offer a maximum summer scholarship of $1,000 regardless of the number of credits a student is enrolled in.
    • Actual scholarship awards will be based on a student’s final course enrollment after the summer add/drop period.
    • If you drop a course, your summer scholarship will be reduced.
    • Adding a course does not guarantee a scholarship increase.

Summer Scholarship Application

  • please enter your seven digit KVCC student ID number
  • Please do not enter a Gmail or other personal email address in this field.
  • Please provide course numbers (PSY101, ENG101, MAT 117)
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