KVCC Foundation Scholarship Funds

Kennebec Valley Community College Foundation Scholarship Funds


Did you know that over 170 students were empowered to enroll in KVCC programs and courses this year knowing that many generous supporters believed in them? Collectively, the KVCC Foundation awarded more than $160,000 in scholarships; funds which significantly reduced the financial burden of college enrollment.


Each scholarship was founded by generous supporters who value the high quality education available at KVCC. Through donor generosity, student scholarships help to reduce the financial burden of attending college, allowing recipients to better focus on academic and career goals.


To apply for a KVCC Foundation Scholarship, please complete the KVCC Foundation Scholarship Application and submit to the KVCC Financial Aid Office.


Please view the KVCC Foundation scholarship guidelines and application instructions prior to submitting a scholarship application.


Scholarship assistance is vital to opening the doors to education and empowering students to persist through degree completion. Please contact the KVCC Foundation to learn how you can make a difference by making a scholarship contribution mwebb@kvcc.me.edu.