KVCC Foundation Funding Request (Faculty and Staff Only)

KVCC Foundation Funding Request

KVCC Foundation Mission

The mission of the KVCC Foundation is to engage supporters to invest in students, faculty, and programs to empower individuals and to build stronger communities. The Foundation achieves this goal by raising funds to promote and support educational programs, equipment, and facilities and to ensure access through student scholarship funds.

KVCC Funding Request Overview

The KVCC Foundation seeks to support high-priority College needs. The Foundation currently offers two opportunities for KVCC faculty and staff to request funding for projects, activities, equipment, technology, and other teaching and learning activities.


  • Funding proposals must first be reviewed and approved by the program or department dean or supervisor prior to submitting this funding request form.
  • The funding need must be considered high-priority by the requesting program/department and must be unable to be otherwise funded through the department budget or any other source.
  • Mini-Grant funding requests (up to $500) will be reviewed monthly. Responses will be made within 30 days.
  • Large funding requests should be greater than $500 and generally less than $10,000. Although there is not a pre-determined permissible maximum funding request, the availability of funds will vary depending on a wide variety of factors including fundraising success. Funding requests in the amount of $1,000-$5,000 may be more likely to align with an available funding source.
  • Large funding requests will be reviewed by the KVCC Foundation quarterly.  Requests for larger funding amounts must be submitted by the first Monday of the month in September, December, March, and June in order to be reviewed during those months. Funding requests should clearly articulate the problem to be solved, the anticipated outcomes, and alignment with the KVCC Strategic Plan.
  • Please contact Michelle Webb, KVCC Foundation Executive Director with any questions.


KVCC Foundation Funding Request

Type of Funding Request
In 2-3 sentences, please describe the purpose of your funding request.
In 2-5 sentences, please describe the problem that may be solved if this project is funded. What unmet need will be met if funding is granted.
Alignment with KVCC Strategic Plan
Please select the strategic plan guiding pillar(s) that are best represented by the funding request.
Alignment with KVCC Values
Please select the element(s) of KVCC's values statement that are best represented by the funding request.
Please provide any additional information to help the KVCC Foundation understand the need for funding and the anticipated beneficial outcomes. Please describe project background, what steps led up to this request (e.g. this is phase two of a project, this is a technology or equipment upgrade, or this is a result of a conference, professional development, or best-practice recommendation) Please consider describing how funding may improve student enrollment, retention, graduation, or other student success outcomes. If this project will require long-term funding, please describe how this will be sustained.
Is this work able to be initiated with partial funding? If yes, please describe. For example, you may wish to prioritize one element of your funding request.
Checklist for Next Steps
Here is the list of steps required in the funding request review process. Please check any boxes that have already been completed.
Please upload a price estimate and any supporting documents.
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 300 MB.
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