Step by Step Admissions

Begin your KVCC journey right here!


STEP 1: See Why KVCC May Be the Right Choice for You

Professor imageKVCC was cited as one of the nation's top community colleges for the third year in a row by the Aspen Institute.  We achieved this recognition by partnering with the Maine business community to ensure KVCC students graduate with skills that are directly transferable to the marketplace.

Several resources are provided to help you make the important decision on whether KVCC is right for you.  This website provides many resources on the various programs we offer. If you are serious in considering an education with us, you should schedule a campus tour. This will give you an in-depth review of our facilities and allow you to interact with faculty, admissions/financial-aid staff, and students to help you make an informed decision.  Read more »


STEP 2: Apply to KVCC

We collect information that tells us about you and your education goals as the starting point.  You may either apply on-line or use our paper-based application.  Read more »



STEP 3: Apply for Financial Aid

FAFSA LogoThe Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the starting point for determining your eligibility for financial aid.  Students are asked to complete the FAFSA no later than May 1 each year.  You can indicate within the application that you would like KVCC to have access to your information for the purpose of determining potential aid for KVCC.  Click here to get started with your FAFSA application on-line or to get more information on FAFSA.   Read more »


STEP 4: Take our Admissions Exam

student taking testThe admissions examination is used to gauge a student's academic foundation for their intended area of study.  Exams vary by the target area of study.  Click here for more details on the various admissions exams.   Read more »



STEP 5: Admissions Office Reviews Your Application

meeting imageAfter you have completed the admissions application and have completed the appropriate admissions exam, the ball is in our court.  We treat every applicant with the utmost respect and pledge to carefully consider each candidate's application using criteria that will ensure a good match between the student and target area of study.   Read more »


STEP 6: Attend Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR)

SOAR logoThe SOAR program is the gateway to your college experience with KVCC.  Admitted students are enrolled in the SOAR program to assist them with class registrations, becoming familiar with the facilities on campus, and getting to know faculty members and fellow students.  SOAR is provided a few weeks before your first semester at KVCC.   Read more »