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Welcome KVCC Students!

We are excited for the beginning of a new academic year!

March 13, 2020. A day I will remember for a very long time. A couple of weeks prior to this date, the College received word that we would be heading home because of the pandemic. Our students would move to a completely remote environment and we would work from home for an uncertain amount of time. There was a great deal of apprehension in the air as we worked toward being ready to leave.

Since that date, so much has happened in the world. We have endured the impact of the pandemic on our ability to do almost everything! Going to school, to church, to the store, out to eat…and the list continues. Living with uncertainty from month to month and phase to phase, we wondered if life would ever return to ‘normal”.  During this pandemic, this country has also witnessed the Black Lives Matter movement, a contentious Presidential Election in November, voting process concerns, record high unemployment, businesses closing, homelessness and the return of our children to school this fall. This list is just a highlight of what the world has faced in the past few months.

I grew up believing that behind every challenge, every hardship or crisis faced, I could learn something. Maybe something about myself? Maybe something about how I approached the next challenge? Maybe something about the world around me? Take a moment and think about what you have learned during these months. Did you find an inner strength to help you through these months and the months that are ahead? Did you find comfort & support in unexpected places and people?

Our hope for you as you enter this semester with classes online and life remaining a little uncertain is that you remember what you learned during this time — where your strength & support came from — and use that to guide you through the times ahead. Be kind to yourselves. Take care of yourselves, And, remember that we are here to walk this road with you. Raise your hand. Reach out. Call someone. We are here.

To assist you with the transition to college, you may request a copy of your Student Handbook  by contacting the Enrollment Center at (207) 453-5822. You may also download it in PDF form using this link .  This Student Handbook will provide information on services and resources available at both campuses. We invite you to take a moment and survey the Handbook. You will find a large section on available services, a calendar section that notes important campus dates & events, weekly calendar pages for you to track academic work due or appointments you may have, and also a copy of the Student Code of Conduct.

Have a great year!

CJ McKenna, Interim Dean of Students

The KVCC Student Success Team

Michelle Bardsley, TRiO Program

Lisa Black, TRIO Director

Kathy Blair, Financial Aid

Melissa Clements, Social Worker

Jannie Durr, Student Life

CJ McKenna, Interim Dean of Students

Kevin Richards, Enrollment Student navigator

Jessica Rodrigue, JMG Specialist

Sarah Sirois, Math Learning Specialist

Teresa Smith, Advising & Enrollment

Pauline Stevens, Early College for ME

Alexander Walz, TRiO Program

Landi Wright, TRiO Program


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