Schedule of Current Programs

FALL 2020


Advanced EMT – More information coming soon!
Starts September 21, must have Basic EMT.
BLS Healthcare Provider CPR 
September 12, October 7, October 17, November 4, November 14, December 2, December 12
Wednesdays meet on-campus 4:00pm-9:00pm
Saturdays meet on-campus 8:00am-1:00pm
Fee: $75
This course is for students entering any of the several healthcare professions (EMT, Nursing, CNA, Residential Care, etc.). The course covers one and two person adult CPR, child and infant CPR, obstructed airway maneuvers for the conscious and unconscious adult, child and infant, barrier devices and disease transmission and prevention, introduction to the Automated External Defibrillator (AED), legal and ethical considerations, and special resuscitation situations. Students who have been certified in the past, and have let their certification lapse by more than 30 days will need to take this full class.
Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump
August 17-21 from 8:00am – 4:30pm
Fee: $995
Eligible for GI Bill®. 
This 40-hour course will provide professionals with the basics of refrigerant cycle theory and explain how the cycle produces heating and cooling. Other topics covered in the course will be: basic electrical theory, control theory, mechanical operation of system components, and safe work practices involved in the installation of these units. Students will experience a hands-on lab component involving the installation and troubleshooting of these state-of-the-art mini-split heat pump systems. (EPA 608 required for heat pump installers).
EPA 608 Refrigerant Certificate (Self-Study)
Independent study at home. On-campus test August 22 from 8:00am – 2:00pm.
Fee: $195
Eligible for GI Bill®. 
The EPA 608 Refrigerant Certification for Small Appliances (Self Study) course at KVCC is designed to prepare technicians for the EPA 608 certification exam: 1) Core Certification (general knowledge of refrigerants), 2) Type 1 (repair and service of small appliances using refrigerant), Type 2 (high pressure refrigerant i.e. Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps, and/or Type 3 (Universal License) It is not intended to be formal refrigeration training course. Technicians who take this course should be familiar with basic vapor – compression refrigeration cycle and common service equipment and procedures.
Electrical Code Update 15 Hour – Online
Start Dates: August 3 or October 13
Fee: $150
If you are working in the Electrical field and are looking for the current code update, this course is for you. This course meets the requirements for the State of Maine code up-date required as the NEC code changes. Students will need to purchase the following books and will have 60 days from the start date to complete the required materials:
Required: Code book for 2020 – ISBN 978-1-4559-2297-0 
Suggested: Analysis of Changes NEC 2020 – ISBN – 978-1-890659-84-4 
High Pressure Boiler
August 27 – December 2
Meets Thursdays via video conference from 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Fee: $625
This 45 hour course provides students with the knowledge and techniques needed to operate a boiler steam generating plant in a safe and efficient manner. Basics of boiler design and control are emphasized as well as the importance of feed water treatment. Topics include day-to-day operations, steam turbine control, power generation, and environmental control parameters to meet emission requirements. The safe handling and combustion of natural gas, fuel oil, coal and wood fuel is also covered. This course will also place emphasis on code requirements. The course offers a practical approach to power plant operation and is designed to prepare the student for the Maine High Pressure Boiler Operator’s licensing exam. (Some experience in the field is required to sit for this exam). The State of Maine has approved this course to count for 3 months of experience towards the Maine High Pressure Boiler Operator’s license.
Intro to 3D Printing: Hardware
Hybrid – First class live from 10:00-11:00am.
Starts 9/12 
Deadline to Register: 9/2
Cost: $499
In this course you will receive and learn how to set up, operate, and troubleshoot your own 3D printer. First class will be live to distribute printers and materials followed by online instruction. This course is equivalent to 1 CEU.
Intro to 3D Printing: Software
Hybrid – First class live from 10:00-11:00am.
Starts 10/10 
Deadline to Register: 9/30 
Cost: $150 for course only
$525 for course with iPad & Apple Pencil
Want to create your own models for 3D printing? This course will teach you the basics of designing with 3D printing in mind. First class will be live followed by online instruction. Methods will include parametric design, sculpting, and scanning. We will survey a variety of free design programs, including Forger, Meshmixer, Tinkercad, and Shapr3D. This course is equivalent to 1 CEU.
Advanced 3D Printing & Design
Hybrid – First class live from 10:00-11:00am.
Starts 11/7 
Deadline to Register: 10/28 
Cost: $150 for course only
$525 for course with iPad & Apple Pencil
This course will cover advanced techniques in 3D printing and design. First class will be live followed by online instruction. Topics will include printing on fabric, use of specialty (color changing, flexible, wood fiber, glow in the dark) filaments, and finishing techniques. In addition to the software used in Design for 3D Printing, you will be introduced to additional free design programs, including Fusion360 and OpenSCAD.
This course is equivalent to 1 CEU.
Welding I, II or III – 
On-campus Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday from 6:00pm – 9:00pm
September 15 – October 15
Fee: $699
Welding I will introduce students to the basics of welding. This foundation course will focus on safety and principles of welding. Students will use the SMAW welding process (stick welding) and will learn to make minor repairs and start your own projects.
Welding II is more advanced and will build on the SMAW welding process and also learn FCAW and cutting with Oxy-Acetylene torches. Successful students will be ready to take one AWS Certification Test at the EMCC Test Center.
Welding III is the most advanced level of welding training. You will continue to build skills learned in welding I and II and will introduce the tig process, opportunities of push/pull aluminum and potential of specialized training at the request of the student. Successful students will be ready for additional AWS Certification Tests.
CompTIA A+
October 1 – December 11
Meets Tuesdays & Thursdays via video conference from 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Fee: $2000
This course is designed as an interactive and comprehensive introduction to the Information Technology Field and to assist the student in obtaining the CompTIA A+ Certification and the PC Pro Certification. Topics include identifying, using, and connecting hardware components and devices; install and support Windows OS including command line & client support; troubleshoot PC and mobile device issues including application security support; explain types of networks and connections including TCP/IP, WIFI and SOHO; troubleshoot device and network issues Identify and protect against security vulnerabilities for devices and their network connections; and install & configure laptops and other mobile devices
Intro to STEAM Education in the Early Childhood Classroom
October 5 – November 13
Fee: $149
This course is designed to introduce early childhood educators and paraprofessionals (preschool through grade 3) to the basics behind the STEM initiative.  It will cover why STEM education with the incorporation of the arts (STEAM) is necessary for 21st century learners, the basic pedagogy behind STEM, the various forms it can take in the classroom, the benefits/challenges of STEM-based education, how STEM aligns with the early childhood education theories and standards, and reflections of STEM practices in the early childhood classroom.


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