Funding Process


Become a member of the Maine Workforce Development Compact

Benefits: It is Free to join! Your organization will become eligible for training funds for frontline workers to participate in our trainings at KVCC.

How to join

Step 1: An Administrator at your organization completes a short application

Step 2: An MOA is sent via email to be signed

Step 3: Complete a funding request for individual employees to take specific trainings

Step 4: We register the employee(s) for the class and communicate with them about getting started!


For assistance with the Compact, please contact our Workforce Development Coordinator, Peter Brunette

For questions about the training/courses, please contact KVCC Workforce Training at 207-453-5083 or


Eligible Courses

3D Printing Series

Community College = KVCC
Program title = 3D Printing Series
Course description = An introduction to 3D Printing Hardware, Software, and Advanced Techniques. Learn how to set up, operate, and troubleshoot your 3D printer; the basics of designing with 3D printing in mind (methods will include parametric design, sculpting, and scanning); and advanced methods including printing on fabric, use of specialty filaments (color changing, flexible, wood fiber, glow in the dark), and finishing techniques. The series is equivalent to 3 CEUs.
Number of hours = 30
Start date = July 9
End date = July 30
Funding request = $1200


Community College = KVCC
Program title = Welding I, Welding II, or Aluminum Welding
Course description = This training course will include basic safety, introduction to hand and power tools, construction drawings, basic riffing techniques as well as welding symbols, reading welding drawings, understanding the physical characteristics and properties of metals, GTAW, and FCAW equipment, filler metals and more.
Number of hours = 45
Start date =
End date =
Funding request = $699

High Pressure Boiler

Community College = KVCC
Program title = High Pressure Boiler
Course description = Basics of boiler design and control are emphasized as well as the importance of feed water treatment. Topics include day-to-day operations, steam turbine control, power generation, and environmental control parameters to meet emission requirements. The safe handling and combustion of natural gas, fuel oil, coal and wood fuel is covered. This course will also place emphasis on code requirements. The course offers a practical approach to power plant operation and is designed to prepare the student for the Maine licensing exam.
Number of hours = 45
Start date = September 1
End date = December 15
Funding request =

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