KVCC Foundation Virtual Event Planning Survey

Virtual Event Survey

KVCC Foundation survey

  • Virtual Event Planning Survey- thank you for your feedback and ideas!

    The KVCC Foundation is considering hosting one or more virtual events over the course of the upcoming months and years. Your feedback will help us to select events that are interesting and engaging to our community. Thank you!
  • What works best in virtual event formats?
  • What didn't work in virtual event formats? What should we avoid?
  • The KVCC Foundation misses engaging with our community! Please select any/all events that you may be interested in participating in virtually.
  • The KVCC Foundation Gala annually generates $80,000 in scholarship and student resource funds to promote student success and degree completion. Without the Gala, the Foundation must identify opportunities to raise funds to ensure that current and upcoming students have access to scholarships, emergency need grants, student employment, tutoring, and other resources that help them to succeed.
  • Are there any other recommendations, must-haves, or ideas that you would like to share with us in regards to event planning?
  • Optional: Please share your email if you would like the KVCC Foundation to contact you regarding event planning or volunteering. Thank you!
  • Optional- thank you for your time and input! We are grateful for your support!
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