Faculty & Staff Mini-Grants

Evidence shows that students who complete a certificate or associate degree are far more likely to find and keep gainful employment. The KVCC Foundation seeks to support the College in increasing student retention and raising completion rates so that more students become graduates. To that end, the KVCC Foundation has announced an exciting opportunity for faculty and staff to obtain mini-grant funding to support innovative retention events or to develop new practices to help students complete their programs of study.

Do you have an idea to help increase student enrollment, retention and completion?

Your department could receive up to $500 to fund your initiative. There are up to 15 such grants available this academic year. Proposals can be submitted by an individual or by a group of faculty and/or staff and sent to the KVCC Foundation (foundation@kvcc.me.edu). Maximum awards will be $500 per project. Grant proposals will be reviewed and determined twice per month. Recipients may be asked to present project outcomes at a KVCC Foundation Board of Trustees meeting or other event.

Download the application

Click here to download a sample KVCC Foundation Mini-Grant Application 

The application will ask you to complete a brief proposal in response to the following:

  1. Problem Statement: describe the problem that you are trying to solve.
  2. Description: describe your Project’s objectives, anticipated outcome, and evaluation strategy. Please describe who will benefit from the Project; explain how funding will impact student enrollment, retention, and/or completion. Applicants must include an estimated number of participants and specific enrollment/retention focused measurable objectives.
  3. Success: what do you see as the most important indicator of Project success?
  4. Innovation: how might the Project encourage innovation of instructional and/or student support models and/or contribute to our greater community?
  5. Replicable: what elements of the Project do you see as the most replicable? Are the lessons to be learned from the Project exclusive to your program or department? How might your initiative be replicated by another department?
  6. Alternate Funding: please provide details regarding the availability of other funding sources, any requests for alternate and/or leveraged funding, or a choice not to pursue other funding.
  7. Sustainability: how might the impact of the Project be sustained and/or replicated? Please comment on both fiscal sustainability and the long-term sustainability of the Project and its objectives.
  8. Budget: include itemized descriptions of exactly how funds will be utilized, including any matching funding sources or potential revenue generation. Please provide at least 1 quote for tangible goods or services to be purchased.
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