KVCC Launches Free Business Entrepreneurship Program

FAIRFIELD, Maine – Kennebec Valley Community College has unveiled a new Business Entrepreneurship program that is no-cost to participants. The 4-month long program will focus on the basics of starting your own business, including developing a business plan, figuring out your target market, projecting finances, and designing a business pitch. 

“We are partnering with other entrepreneurship programs and accelerators in the Central Maine region to keep building on the great community and ecosystem developing here,” says  Joe Musumeci, director of workforce training and professional development. “For our role, we really wanted to create something with a low barrier of entry to get started with a business of your own. Even if someone has a full-time job or caretaking role, they can access this training and work towards being an entrepreneur.” 

The program consists of weekly Zoom meetings that take place in the evening, led by Bangor-based entrepreneur Ashleigh Briggs. Between each meeting, participants will complete activities and assignments to increase their business knowledge, learn about available local resources, and move closer to building or advancing their business ideas. 

“As an experienced entrepreneur and business owner myself, I understand the challenges and rewards of starting and growing a business,” says Briggs. “Through our weekly Zoom meetings, we will cover all the crucial aspects of building a successful business, including strategic planning, market identification, and financial forecasting.” 

KVCC’s Business Entrepreneurship program is targeted to those who want to start a business but do not know where to start or those who have a current business but would like some more formal education on these topics. Mainers who are already running side hustles or business activities in their spare time could be a great fit if they are looking to grow it into something bigger. 

“Many of the trainees we have worked with around the state have told us that finding work with flexible hours or that puts less physical stress on their bodies is a priority,” says Musumeci. “This program strives to help support anyone along that journey to take it to the next level.” 

Briggs says, “Participants will gain valuable insights into the local resources and support networks that are available to help them achieve their goals. This is an incredible opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, connect with local business leaders, and turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality – all at no cost. I can’t wait to see what amazing ideas and businesses will come out of this program!” 

The first cohort of KVCC’s Business Entrepreneurship program is scheduled to start in January 2024. Any Maine residents interested in applying may find more information at kvcc.me.edu/workforce/training or by calling 207-453-5083. 

This program is made possible by the Maine Jobs and Recovery Plan.

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