Pi Day Pie Registration

Date(s) - 02/18/2022 - 03/01/2022

KVCC is celebrating mathematics on Pi Day–or March 14th…3.14!  We welcome all students, faculty, and staff to join us in enjoying Pi trivia, sweet pies, and savory pies.

We will feature a Pi Day Pie luncheon in the Carter Multipurpose Room on Monday, March 14th (3.14) starting at 11a until 1p.

If you would like to make a sweet pie or savory pie, please fill out the Pi Day Pie Registration form.  We’ve already had folks confirm to making:

Chicken Pot Pie

Chocolate Cream Pie

Pear Pie

Shephard’s Pie

Tourtiere Pie


Pi Day Pie Registration

Please complete this form if you are a faculty, staff, or student who would experience great joy in making either a sweet or savory pie for the college community to enjoy! Pi Day will be on Monday, March 14th, 2022 in Carter MPR from 11a-1p. We encourage faculty, staff, and students to make your favorite pie and share it with the KVCC community. If you sign up to make pie, please bring a list of the ingredients to display for those who might have food allergies or concerns.

You can also email the recipe to Jannie Durr (jdurr@kvcc.me.edu) if that is easier.
Please share if your pie is applicable to a specific dietary situation. If yours does not fit that category, select not applicable.(Required)