All Maine Academic Team Celebration

Date(s) - 04/07/2021



We welcome you to join us in celebrating our All Maine Academic Team.  We will host the virtual event on April 7th, 2021 at 5:30p to recognize these scholars for their accomplishments.

Zoom link:

The following students have been recognized by PTK as scholars and named to the All Maine Academic Team.

Nicholas Bennett, CMCC
Emma Gay, CMCC
Coleen Heiser, CMCC
Jeffrey Palmer, CMCC
Britney Eberhardt, EMCC
Jennifer Hodgins, EMCC
Joy Sharrow, EMCC
Adrian Hoyt, KVCC
Felecia Paradis, KVCC
Natacha Valley, KVCC
Kristin Wallaker, KVCC
Valerie Bilogue Minkala, NMCC
Leeann Kaiser, NMCC
John NcNally, NMCC
Savannah Green, SMCC
Cortney Luce, SMCC
Rachel Ackley, WCCC
Donna Mutty, WCCC
Jessica Stevens, WCCC
Dana Comeau, YCCC
Travis Richards, YCCC