Student Names at KVCC

Legal Name versus Campus Name:

A Legal Name is the name that identifies a student for legal, administrative and other official purposes, and appears on official government and employment documents such as your passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, and U.S. Social Security Card.

  1. Students must indicate their legal name on the admissions form when they apply to the College
  2. Changes to a student’s Legal Name require presentation of documentation to the Registrar, who maintains all student records.

Campus Name is a first name that a student chooses to use at KVCC other than their legal name.

  1. Students at KVCC can choose a Campus Name when they apply to attend KVCC.
  2. Students may also request a change to their Campus Name through the Student Portal after their initial application

Places Where Campus Name and Legal Name Appear at KVCC:

Campus Name Legal Name
Email address Employment checks
ID cards Employment records
Diplomas and commencement programs 1098T, W2 and other tax documents
Postal or email correspondence Financial aid refund checks
BrightSpace Federal, State & Local wage tax reports
Attendance System Official transcripts
Unofficial transcripts
Class Lists (used by faculty)
KVCC Student Portal
Computer and network logon (on campus with College-owned devices)

Please note: all name changes are subject to approval by the Office of the Registrar. Also, the specific locations where each name type appear is subject to change.

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