Season of Giving Poster

Date(s) - 11/30/2020 - 12/20/2020


For Those Interested in Giving

To provide Student Life with information in the form, please do these FOUR things:

  • Make note of the child’s name and age
  • Make note of the child’s gift number in the upper left-hand corner of the tag
  • To select that child, click the box on the lower right corner and it will connect you directly to the sponsor form and fill in your information.
  • Use the snipping tool and capture the gift information for your specific child–or take a picture of the information with your phone.

After you have purchased the gift(s), please make sure gifts are in by Friday, December 11:

  • Deliver unwrapped gifts with a tag that indicates who it is for, such as Jack, age 8.
  • Drop those items off at the King Hall Security table.

Gift tags are listed below.  If one has already been taken, it will be be unreadable/scribbled.

Select from 1-10

Select from 11-20

Select from 21-30

Selection from 31-40–ALL of these have been sponsored/taken

Select from 41-50

Select from 51-60

Select food pantry item(s) to donate


Season of Giving Sponsor

Welcome to Season of Giving. After you select a child and hit submit, you will later receive confirmation and a link for the child's wish list in Amazon that KVCC Student Life created for each child. As a sponsor, you are not required to purchase from Amazon. If you do, it will be mailed directly to KVCC Student Life. If you choose to take this list and purchase elsewhere, please submit all gifts to one of three locations by December 9th, 2022. You can drop clearly marked (with child's assigned name and number), unwrapped gifts at the KVCC Mailroom on the Fairfield campus, Frye Hall Front Desk, or to Averill hall room 107 on the Alfond campus.

  • Every number is a family. Specific children have a letter after the number (A, B, C...). You can select a single child or the family if you prefer.