Pre Election Self Care

Date(s) - 11/02/2020 - 11/04/2020

KVCC is so proud of the perseverance and hard work that the KVCC community is putting into making this semester a success. We are all being faced with a multitude of stressors and each of you deserves congratulations for getting this far.


As the election nears, we are all aware of the political tension that currently exists. In addition to the stress from our political climate, we are also experiencing stress related to COVID-19 and social unrest in recent months. If you feel overwhelmed and emotional during this difficult time, you are not alone- it is normal to feel strong feelings right now. While there is much uncertainty, there are things you can do and things in your control to help decrease stress as you move forward.


Set Limits 

Are you tired of hearing people talking about politics? It is ok to say you want to talk about something else. Limit your time on social media and take a break from the television. It is also ok to tell your friends and family you want to talk about something else.



Take care of yourself when you feel that tension start to rise.  Take a walk, practice deep breathing, or listen to some music.  Here is a meditation series on election anxiety that is free through 11/16.  Make sure you are taking some time to sleep and relax.


Feel Confident in the Process 

If you have questions about the election process, don’t hesitate to use nonpartisan resources.  You can email if you have any election questions.  If you want to track your ballot, you can do that here.  It’s important that we wait until all votes are counted before trying to determine who won.  Democracy is worth the wait.


Be Constructive 

Trying to have a productive conversation about politics? Stay away from sarcasm and practice being open and willing to engage. Holding onto anger will damage your mental health and often does not lead to productive conversation. Look for the similarities between your viewpoints and build from them.


Get Engaged 

Civic engagement does not end with your vote.  One way to take care of yourself is by becoming engaged within your community. If you are passionate about a specific issue, get involved. This engagement is a great way to make change on issues you are passionate about while making social connections at the same time.


Seek Help 

If you are worried about your mental health, KVCC has support for you. Check out TalkCampus here. KVCC also offers Counseling Services or can help you get connected with a counselor off campus. Reach out to Melissa Clement at for more information or schedule an appointment here-

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