KVCC’s Season of Giving

Date(s) - 11/13/2023 - 12/08/2023

Welcome to the Season of Giving

Sponsored by Student Senate & Student Life

Nov 13th  –   December 8th


What Is It?

The program is for KVCC students with families in need of a little extra help to make their child(ren)’s holiday a little brighter.

Students wishing to enter their child(ren) into the Season of Giving, please fill out the form at the bottom of this event page.  If you are filling out the form for more than one child, please complete those forms separately.


For Those Interested in Giving–the Sponsor Form is at the bottom of the page.

Student Life will create a virtual form for you to select a child to provide a gift.  All participating student names will be kept confidential.  Those buying the gift(s) will only receive the child’s number, name, age, and gift options.  Sponsors can sign up for a child here.

Please purchase & deliver gifts unwrapped with a tag that indicates who it is for, such as #14, Jack, age 8. Make sure gifts are in by Friday, December 8th.  Those items can be dropped off at the Enrollment Services Center.  If you are interested in dropping items off on the Alfond Campus, please deliver to Averill 107.  If you are ordering directly from Amazon and would like to ship them to us, send to Student Life, 92 Western Ave, Fairfield ME 04937 and email jdurr@kvcc.me.edu and let them know what is coming and for whom (name, age).


Who Can Benefit from This Program?

All KVCC students who need a little help purchasing gifts for their children this holiday season are invited to participate in this program.  The age limit for children submitted is 18 yrs. old.


When & Where Do I Pick-Up Gifts once they are in?

As gifts arrive the parent(s) will be notified via KVCC email and by phone so they may pick them up. Pick up locations will be on the Fairfield Campus.  The gift will be unwrapped so you can wrap it at home the way you like.


Help the Food Pantry out as Well!!

While offering to help sponsor a child, please consider grabbing one for our food pantry to help members of our community struggling with food insecurity.

Canned vegetables: corn, peas, green beans, carrots
Canned fruit: peaches, pears, fruit cocktail
Canned chicken
Dry pasta
Pasta sauce
Peanut butter
Lunch snacks (like granola bars, cereal bars, crackers & p.b., etc.)
Health & beauty items: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant
Laundry detergent

Student Entry Form


Student Entry Form

Season of Giving Student Entry

This form is open to all KVCC students who need a little help purchasing gifts for their children this holiday season are invited to participate in this program. The age limit for children submitted is 18 yrs. old. Please fill out separately for each child.


Sponsor Entry Form


Sponsor Entry Form

Season of Giving Sponsor

Welcome to Season of Giving. After you select a child and hit submit, you will later receive confirmation and a link for the child's wish list in Amazon that KVCC Student Life created for each child. As a sponsor, you are not required to purchase from Amazon. If you do, it will be mailed directly to KVCC Student Life. If you choose to take this list and purchase elsewhere, please submit all gifts to one of three locations by December 8th, 2023. You can drop clearly marked (with child's assigned name and number), unwrapped gifts on the Fairfield campus, to Frye Hall Front Desk (ESC), or to Averill hall room 107 on the Alfond campus.

  • Every number is a family. Specific children have a letter after the number (A, B, C...). You can select a single child or the family if you prefer.