KVCC Course Listings

Course Listings

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Course Code Title Online Hybrid Credit Continuing Education Specialty Course
ACC 111 Principles of Accounting I O C N/A
ACC 112 Principles of Accounting II O C N/A
ACC 212 Computerized Accounting Appls O C N/A
ACC 215 Cost Accounting O C N/A
ACC 220 Principles of Payroll Administratio O C N/A
AGR 116 Basic Farm Maintenance C N/A
AGR 124 Agriculture Internship C N/A
ART 111 Ceramics I C N/A
ART 114 Drawing Techniques C N/A
BIO 101 Biology I C N/A
BIO 102 Biology II C N/A
BIO 106 Intro to Marine Biology C N/A
BIO 115 Human Biology C N/A
BIO 119 Survey of Anatomy & Physiology C N/A
BIO 213 Anatomy & Physiology I C N/A
BIO 214 Anatomy & Physiology II C N/A
BIO 216 Pathophysiology & Pharmacology C N/A
BIO 219 Microbiology C N/A
BUS 113 Marketing O C N/A
BUS 115 Principles of Management C N/A
BUS 116 Business Law O C N/A
BUS 218 Small Business Management O C N/A
BUS 250 Virtual Office/Internship O C N/A
CCT A12 A+ Certification Prep-Mod II O CE N/A
CCT A13 A+ Certification Prep-Mod III O CE N/A
CCT A14 A+ Certification Prep-Mod IV O CE N/A
CCT P10 Project Management CE N/A
CCT S10 Intro to Databases -SQL CE N/A
CHE 112 General Chemistry I C N/A
COM 104 Intro to Communication C N/A
COM 105 Interpersonal Communication O C N/A
CPT 018 Computer Essentials Online Learning C N/A
CPT 117 Software Applications I C N/A
CPT 120 Web Development O C N/A
CPT 121 Software Applications II O C N/A
DMS 213 Extra-Cranial Doppler Model C N/A
DMS 214 Integrated Clinical Practicum C N/A
ECE 131 Intro to Early Childhood H C N/A
ECE 135 Observing/Recording Child Behavior H C N/A
ECE 140 Infants & Toddlers H C N/A
ECE 260 Infant & Toddler Seminar H C N/A
ECE 265 Social Beings & Ability to Communic H C N/A
ECO 113 Principles of Economics I Macro O C N/A
ECO 114 Principles of Economics II Micro O C N/A
EDU 103 Language Development O C N/A
EDU 225 Working with Persons with ASD C N/A
EDU 230 Children & Autism Spectrum Disorder C N/A
ELW 160 Lineworker Training II C N/A
EMS 111 Emergency Medical Technology I C N/A
EMS 218 Paramedic Emergencies II C N/A
EMS 219 Emergency Care Across the Lifespan C N/A
EMS 225 Paramedic Clinical Preceptorship II C N/A
ENG 031 Introduction to College Writing C N/A
ENG 101 College Composition C N/A
ENG 108 Technical Writing O C N/A
ENG 121 Introduction to Literature C N/A
ENG 214 Short Fiction: Art and Idea O C N/A
ENG 218 Writing in the Sciences C N/A
ENG 219 Professional Writing C N/A
ETC 110 ComputerTechnology Fundamentals C N/A
ETL 110 Alternating Current Theory H C N/A
ETL 215 National Electrical Code H C N/A
FYE 125 First Year Seminar C N/A
HIS 112 US History II O C N/A
HIS 202 History of Maine O C N/A
HUM 101 Multi-culture Nature of Amer Soc O C N/A
INT 201 Seminar in Inquiry O C N/A
MAS 121 Medical Terminology H C N/A
MAT 025 Numerical Math C N/A
MAT 031 Introductory Algebra C N/A
MAT 113 Elements of Mathematics C N/A
MAT 114 Technical Math C N/A
MAT 117 College Algebra C N/A
MAT 225 Math for Business & Economics O C N/A
MHT 125 The Changing Workplace O C N/A
MTS 114 Ethics for Massage Therapists C N/A
MTS 116 MTS Practicum II C N/A
MUS 117 History of Rock and Roll O C N/A
OTS 105 Fieldwork Education I C N/A
OTS 107 Technology & OT Practice C N/A
OTS 109 Group Process C N/A
PDH B15 Basic First Aid and CPR CE N/A
PDH B25 HCP CPR Trainer Recertification CE N/A
PDH B30 BLS CPR Healthcare Provider CE N/A
PDH B40 BLS Healthcare Provider Recertific CE N/A
PDH B95 BLS HCP Instructor - Initial CE N/A
PDH F50 Emergency Medical Responder CE N/A
PDH M10 Medical Billing & Coding CE N/A
PDH M80 Medical Administrative Assistant CE N/A
PDI W10 Welding I CE N/A
PDI W20 Welding II CE N/A
PDL L60 Legal Secretary O CE N/A
PDL P90 Paralegal Certificate O CE N/A
PDS T31 Pers. Fitness Trainer National Cert CE N/A
PHI 110 Intro to Contemporary Ethics O C N/A
PHI 201 Critical Thinking O C N/A
PHY 111 Elements of Physics C N/A
PNG 010 PNG Basic Princ & Prac of Propane CE Renewable Energy
PNG 020 PNG Appliance Connection & Service CE Renewable Energy
PSY 101 Intro to Psychology C N/A
PSY 215 Developmental Psychology O C N/A
PTS 120 PTA Clinical Education I C N/A
RAD 103 Radiographic Positioning III C N/A
RAD 113 RAD Clinical Practicum III C N/A
RTS 120 Clinical Practicum I C N/A
RTS 127 Respiratory Pharmacology C N/A
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology C N/A
SPA 101 Elementary Spanish I C N/A

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