Commencement 2020: Photo Release

Photo Release Form

  • 2020 KVCC Commencement Photo Form

    2020 KVCC Virtual Commencement Photo Upload
  • Please provide an email address, in case we need to reach you in regards to your photo or the graduate slide show.
  • Photo Upload

    Please upload the photo of yourself that you would like included in the commencement video. Please, if possible avoid logos and brand images and have the focus on your face. Portrait orientation is preferred as is the .jpeg file format. Including your name in the file name is also helpful!
  • I hereby grant to Kennebec Valley Community College (“College”), Maine Community College System (“System”), and their respective employees and agents the right to use the submitted photo and to photograph, videotape and/or record me, and to use such videotape, picture, recording or other reproductions of my physical likeness in connection with any College or System publication, web site, advertisement, report, or other presentation whose purpose is to promote a service of the College or System. Similarly, I grant to the College and System, their employees and agents the right to reproduce for the same purpose any recordings of my voice that accompany any such videotapes. Finally, by signing this document, I hereby release and discharge the College and System, their employees and agents from any and all actions, claims and demands that I might have in connection with such use, and waive any and all rights to inspect or approve such photograph(s), videotapes and recordings.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, gif, pdf.
  • Signature

    Your signature confirms your response to the photo consent release agreement,
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