Honors & Awards


For the purpose of wearing honors cords at commencement, graduating students must meet the cumulative GPA requirements listed below:

  • Honors- 3.50 to 3.699 receives one silver honor cord
  • High Honors- 3.700 and higher receives one gold honor cord
  • Graduating students who have a 4.0 will receive a medal to wear during the ceremony

The calculation of the commencement GPA does not include spring semester grades and is calculated at the end of the fall term.

If you have any questions about the honors policy, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 207-453-5128 or email registrar@kvcc.me.edu.


Additional Awards

John H. Lapoint Leadership Award: Student of the Year
Each year, 7 students, one from each of the Maine Community Colleges, are honored with this award and designated Student of the Year.  Students are nominated and selected by faculty, staff, and administration based on their academic success, campus and community service, leadership and the ability to achieve their dreams.  This graduating student provides the student address at the commencement ceremony.

Lapoint Leadership Award: Student of the Year Past Recipients

  • 2021     Adrian Hoyt
  • 2020    Mason Peterson, Liberal Studies
  • 2019    Keith Giles, Culinary Arts
  • 2018    Lori Cobb, Nursing
  • 2017    Natasha Manson, Business
  • 2016    Erin Falconer, Mental Health


Aaron Levine Award

In 1967, through the 104th Legislature, Senator Levine spearheaded the appropriation of funds through the Maine Department of Education to provide post secondary vocational programs at Kennebec Valley Vocational Technical Institute (KVVTI).  The first location was at Waterville High School.

The Aaron Levine award is given to a student who has demonstrated citizenship, has been actively involved with campus and community projects and demonstrated leadership in addition to technical knowledge.

The student is named at Commencement.

Aaron Levine Past Recipients:

  • 2021     Laurel Dorr, Liberal Studies
  • 2020    Joseph Frechette, Business & Abby Pelletier, Nursing
  • 2019    Casey Henderson, Mental Health & Kellie Wiswell, Physical Therapy
  • 2018    Sonya Dodson, Mental Health
  • 2017    Sharon Dearborn, Business & Alexander Walz, Liberal Studies
  • 2016    Lori Cobb & Ashley Emery


Fred Whitney Award  

This award is given in memory of Fred W. Whitney.  Fred was the first director of Kennebec Valley Vocational Technical Institute from 1970 to 1973.

The Fred Whitney Award is given to a student who, through personal sacrifice, perseverance and determination, have demonstrated scholastic achievement and the ability to overcome personal obstacles while a student at KVCC.

The student is named at Commencement.

Fred Whitney Past Recipients:

  • 2021     Rachel Herrin, Nursing & Jon Martincic, Business
  • 2020    Bethany Charles, Physical Therapy & Norman Kehling, Precision Machining
  • 2019    Stefanie Johansen, Radiology  & Joseph Seigars, Radiology
  • 2018    Joshua Dyer, Liberal Studies & Anne Madore, Business
  • 2017    Allen Bernier, Mental Health  & Favia Debrito, Liberal Studies
  • 2016    Tatsiana Fields, Occupational Therapy

King Award

The King Award is given in memory of Bernard King, Director of Kennebec Valley Vocational Technical Institute from 1973 to 1984. This honor is awarded to the student with a perfect 4.0 grade point average (GPA).

King Award Past Recipients:

  • 2021     Laurel Dorr, Liberal Studies & Matthew Richards, Lineworker
  • 2020    Jessica Cook, Sustainable Agriculture & Spencer Richardson, Lineworker
  • 2019    Kymberly Wright, Mental Health
  • 2018    Julia Rae Supp, Business
  • 2017    Julie Belanger, Early Childhood
  • 2016    Lauren Webb, Physical Therapy



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