Foundation Board of Trustees

The mission of the KVCC Foundation is to engage supporters to invest in students, faculty, and programs to empower individuals and to build stronger communities.

Board of Trustees:

Dwight A. Littlefield, Chair

Bruce S. Harrington, Vice Chair

Nancy R. Smith, Second Vice Chair

John Dalton, Past Chair

Melissa A. Higgins, Treasurer

Karen Normandin, Secretary

Donald Borman

Dan Coffey

Michael A. Crowell

Peter Hallen

Arne Koch

John T. Sutton, Trustee Emeritus

Sara J. Sylvester, R.N.

Jenifer Tilton-Flood

Jeffrey R. Trask BSRT, CRA, (R)(CV)(CT)


Foundation Staff

Michelle Webb Robicheau, Executive Director

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