Trades & Technical Occupations

Trade and Technical Occupations

Associate in Applied Science Degree

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Kennebec Valley Community College offers an Associate in Applied Science degree for people in trade and technical occupations. This program is designed to recognize the proficiency of people who are enrolled in, or have completed, a registered apprenticeship program (i.e. journeyman status).

Women and men who have completed or are currently enrolled in a registered apprenticeship program of a formal program approved by the College may apply and simultaneously complete both their training program and degree requirements.

A registered apprenticeship program is approved by the Maine State Apprenticeship and Training Council or the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training.




TOTAL REQUIREMENTS                                                                     69 credit hours

    Technical Specialty Courses (Apprenticeship Training)               18 - 24

    Related Technical Courses                                                           30 - 24 

    General Education Courses                                                           21 


 Program Contact

Greg Fletcher
(207) 453-5115 

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