KVCC Foundation Summer Scholarship Application

Kennebec Valley Community College Foundation

Summer Scholarship Application


To be eligible for a summer scholarship, scholarship applicants must meet the following criteria:


  • Have unmet financial need as determined by a FAFSA form AND

  • Be matriculated in a KVCC degree or certificate program OR

  • Have a completed enrollment application on file for the fall semester


Eligible applicants will receive a summer scholarship estimate, by email, prior to the start of the summer semester. Actual scholarship awards will be based on a student's final course enrollment after the summer add/drop period. If you drop a course, your summer scholarship will be reduced. Adding a course does not guarantee a scholarship increase.


If you qualify for a summer Pell Grant, the Pell award will be applied to your summer bill first. If you have remaining unmet need, you will be considered for a summer scholarship to reduce your remaining summer tuition and fees charges which are not covered by the Pell Grant.

Thank you for your submission!

Summer Scholarship Application

  • KVCC Foundation Summer Scholarship Application





Scholarship Application Dates to Remember:


March 15th

  • Summer scholarship application period opens


April 15th

  • First priority consideration due date for students seeking a scholarship for the next academic year.
  • Priority consideration due date for students seeking a summer scholarship (summer application required)


May 15th

  • Final deadline for all students applying for summer scholarships, if funds are available.


August 15th

  • Second priority consideration due date for academic year scholarship.


October 15th

  • Final deadline for all students seeking a fall semester scholarship award, if funds are available.


February 15th

  • Final deadline for students who have not yet submitted a scholarship application to be considered for a spring semester scholarship award.






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