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AECT Program Requirements

Applied Electronics & Computer Technology

~ Associates in Applied Science Degree ~


Semester Sequence - Applied Electronics and Computer Technology


First Semester

ETC113 Electrical Circuits I* 3
ETC110 Computer Technology Fundamentals* 3
COM104 Introduction to Communication 3
ENG108 Technical Writing 3
MAT114 Technical Math 3

Credits 15

Second Semester

ETL114 Electrical Circuits II* 3
ETC119 Digital Electronics* 3
ETC125 Semiconductor Devices* 3
ETC250 Computer Technology Applications* 3
MAT117 College Algebra 3

Credits 15

Third Semester 

ETC212 Linux Operating Systems and Moble Devices* 3
ETC220 Microprocessor Applications* 3
ETC225 Analog Circuits* 3
ETC240 Electronic Communication Systems* 3
ETC244 Electronics Applications Lab* 1
Gen Ed General Education Elective 3

Credits 16

 Fourth Semester

ETC112 Apple Computer Support Essentials* 3

Network Operating Systems*

ETC241 Data Communication Systems* 3
ETC245 Network Applications Lab* 1
  Social Science Elective 3
  Humanities Elective 3
    Credits 16
                                                                                                          TOTAL CREDITS 62

















 Program Contact

William I. Dolan
(207) 453-5111 

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