National Society for Leadership and Success

Friday, July 17, 2015 3:39 PM

The National Society for Leadership and Success will be sending out a second round of invitations for the spring semester. Please check your mail for the invitation letter which will outline what is needed to join our chapter of Sigma Alpha Phi.

Click on "Sigma Alpha Pi" under the "Leadership and Honor Societies" section of our Student Life page for more information on NSLS.


This farm is a work in progress.

people in field

We'll do our best not to bore you, but we're going to talk numbers. We're going to talk about how we make decisions, about what worked, and more importantly, what didn't work. We hope we can be a resource for students and farmers, for skeptics and city-folk alike; anyone, really, interested in what it looks like to build a farm from scratch.

Got questions? Ask us.

Got suggestions? Tell us.

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