Career Opportunities

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Students who graduate from these programs have the training and education to pursue these careers however, this is not an exhaustive list of the possibilities open to them.

Applied Electronics & Computer Technology Program:

Audio/Video Technician

Bio/Medical Electronics Technician

Consumer Electronics Technician

Marine Electronics Technician

Electro-mechanical Technician

Electronics Technician

Engineering Technician

Field Service Technician

Industrial Electronics Technician

Technical Equipment Sales

Apple Computer Support Technician

Computer Network Support Technician

Computer Support Technician

Desktop Support Technician

Information System Support Technician

Cable Television Technician

Cellular Telephone Technician

Communication Support Technician

Internet Support Technician

Technical Support

Electronic Communication Technician

Telephone Company Technician

Television/Radio Broadcast



Electrical Program: 

Maintenance Electricians

Construction Electricians

Electrical/Instrumentation Tech.


Electrical Lineworker  Program:

Cable Television Companies

Power Companies

Telephone Companies

Line Construction Contractors



EST Program: 


HVAC Technician

Gas/Propane Technician

Solid Fuel Technician

Solar, Geothermal, Biomass 


PMT Program:

Machine Shops

Manufacturing Facilities 

Fabrication Plants

Automotive Companies


Pulp & Paper Program: 

Pulp & Paper Operators

Engineering Assistants

Lab Personnel

Line Supervisors


Sustainable Building/Design Program:


Wood Mills

Historic Preservation

Housing non-profits

Town zoning boards

Project Management w/ contracting firms

Technical Trades (i.e. renewable energy, plumbing,

 heating, cooling, electrical) 


Trades and Technical Occupations:

Trade Industries

Manufacturing Plants

Construction Companies

Small Companies

Family Businesses

Governmental Agencies

Accounting Program:

Account Clerk

Accounts Receivable Clerk

Jr. Accountant

Accounts Payable Clerk

Credit Manager

Payroll Clerk

Tax Preparer

Computer Systems Integration Program:

Systems Integration Manager

Test Manager

Systems Consultant

Data Systems Analyst

Computer Resource Manager

Computer Support Specialist

Processing Manager

Operations Manager

Marketing/Management Program:

Administrative Assistant

Associate Store Manager

Industrial Sales Agent

Insurance Agent

Retail Marketing Agent


Human Relations Assistant

Insurance Adjuster

Retail Management Associate

Wholesale Sales Representative