Academic Advising 

Academic advising and planning are provided on an individual basis and focus on:
  • semester course planning
  • monitoring of academic progress
The overall goal is to develop a successful and achievable academic plan for each participant.

Career Exploration

Sometimes students enter college without a clear career in mind, or they discover that the major they initially choose is not right for them. Our Career Counselor assists participants in finding the career that best suits their interests and abilities.


Financial Aid Assistance

Navigating the world of financial aid can at times feel overwhelming. Participants receive assistance with their FAFSA, scholarships searches and applications, and other financial aid paperwork.
A program of financial literacy is also provided by the Project.


Study Skill Enhancement

Sometimes it's not what you study but how you study that makes the difference. By helping you to identify your individual learning style the TRiO team can assist you in developing study strategies to enhance your understanding of the course material. Additionally, the TRiO team can help you strengthen your note taking, test taking, textbook reading, and memory skills. We can help you study smarter!


Social and Cultural Event Opportunities

TRiO believes that it is important for students to connect with one another and learn outside of the classroom. To that end, we regularly encourage our students to participate in events sponsored by the College.
Additionally, we also provide opportunities to attend off campus events. Past events have included visits to museums, sporting events, and movie nights.


Transfer Assistance

A focus of the TRiO Project is to encourage every participant to look beyond their immediate educational goals. Each year, many TRiO graduates choose to further their education at a four-year college or university. The TRiO Transfer Counselor works with these students to find a school that is right for them, and when possible visit that campus. Additionally, TRiO participants receive assistance completing their applications which includes transcripts requests and fee waivers.


First Year Initiative (FYI) Program

The FYI is a component of the TRiO Project designed to help students improve math and writing skills while keeping pace with their academic program.
Each year, based on placement test scores and high school transcripts, some students have conditions placed on their acceptance to KVCC. These conditions often include completing a non-credit developmental course in math or writing.
In place of a developmental course, students selected for FYI are allowed to enroll in the three credit math or writing course required by their academic program. FYI students must also attend a supplemental lab designed to provide additional assistance in math, writing, and study skills.

The Edge

The Edge is available to first-year students who hope to study Nursing or an Allied Health Program. Edge students attend summer workshops and fall semester study groups specifically designed to help them in their math and science courses. Additionally, they receive careful academic advising to ensure completion of the entrance requirements for these highly competitive KVCC programs.
FYI and The Edge both require participation in a three, half-day orientation in August

Professional Learning Assistance in Math, Science, & Writing

Participants have the advantage of working with professional learning specialists. Learning specialists work with each student to assess their learning style, identify their academic strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategies for successful learning.

Advocacy & Learning Assistance

for Students with Disabilities

The TRiO Learning Specialist-Disability assists students with the process of registering with the KVCC Disability Services; including how to obtain the documentation necessary for requesting academic accommodations. Upon receiving documentation, students meet individually to create a plan that includes how to communicate their academic needs to their instructors. Students also receive assistance with learning strategies that are tailored to help minimize barriers presented by their disabilities and maximize their learning potential.