Personal Support

Community Support Services



The resources noted below are available in the surrounding communities.  Select a link below for the contact information.


KVCC 211

This document contains a listing of community resources and services located within a 25 mile radius of the College.  It is intended as a resource guide with suggested resources.  It is not a comprehensive list of all community services that may be available.


Warm Line

Confidential telephone support services for non-crisis situations, inlcuding, but not limited to:  peer-to-peer support, social connection, sharing personal victories, overcoming fear, grief or sadness, developing effective startegies for the future, referrals to community resources, talking with someone when feeling sad, lonely, or discouraged. The Maine Warm Line is open every day from 5 pm to 8 am, weekends and holdiays.


Community Health & Counseling

Community Health and Counseling Services is a private non-profit organization that provides community-based home health, hospice and mental health services to adults and children in central, eastern, and northern Maine.  More than 7,500 people benefit each year from the efforts of professional, support, and management staff of the agency.


Care & Comfort

Care & Comfort has been providing professional home health and mental health services to Maine residents since 1991. Our mission is to provide the best possible care to clients and their families throughout Maine. In an effort to best serve our clients, customer service goals are frequently reviewed and adjusted so that our hard working staff may continue to meet the highest standards of care. We accept MaineCare, most health insurances and private pay.


Kennebec Behavioral Health

Kennebec Behavioral Health offers a comprehensive range of outpatient and medication services by experienced psychiatrists and counselors. Adults, children, and families services are available.


Alliance for Affordable Psychotherapy

The Alliance for Affordable Pscyhotherapy is an interdisciplinary 501(c)(3) organization of mental health professionals in private practice who are collaborating to make counseling more available for citizens who cannot otherwise afford it. Members provide several hours each week meeting in their own offices in Central Maine providing counseling for those who qualify for AAP services.We provide counseling and therapy for individuals, couples and families, both adults and children. In this unique model, clients "pay" for their services    with their time instead of with dollars.  For each hour of therapy, the client agrees to volunteer four hours in the community.  This is done confidentially.


2-1-1 Help LIne

2-1-1 Maine is a comprehensive statewide directory of over 8,000 health and human services available in Maine. The toll free 2-1-1 hotline connects callers to trained call specialists who can help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Finding the answers to health and human services questions and locating resources is as quick and easy as dialing 2-1-1.


Family Violence Project

The Family Violence Project has three main goals:

  • To help people who are dealing with abuse and violence in their families and relationships.
  • To offer prevention education and training programs that teach kids, adults, and even abusers, about the damage domestic violence causes within dating relationships, marriage relationships, entire families – and society -- and to encourage and support safe, loving, healthy relationships.
  • To encourage people from all walks of life to recognize the destructive nature of abuse and violence, to find out what they can do to support the thousands of children, teens, and adults whose lives are affected, and to help short-circuit the cycle.
  • Click here for contact information.


Sexual Assualt & Crisis

Sexual Assault Crisis & Support Line 1-800-871-7741