Math - Science Center

Math - Science Learning Lab

King Hall, Room 118

Make our learning lab your study center!


We all know that good grades don’t just happen. They are earned through long hours and hard work. Time is one thing that is in short supply for every student. Make the most of the time you have to study by doing it in a space devoted to academics.

Located in Room 118, the Math - Science Learning Lab will provide you with access to a professional learning specialist.  Whether  you’re an older student who hasn’t been in a classroom for a very long time or a new high school graduate who just never “got” math or science before, the Math and Science Learning Center is a wonderful resource to help you succeed.

The Center provides a place to:

  • read, review and prepare for quizzes & exams
  • meet your classmates for an informal study group
  • work on your homework knowing there is someone there to help
  • learn how to plan your week in advance
  • learn how to use your calculator
  • access the bones for Anatomy & Physiology
  • access the software programs for your science and math classes, like Connect and WebAssign.


 Need some help and you can't make it to campus?
Use SKYPE to access help from home or
contact us for an evening or weekend appointment.

Start here - Stay Focused - Succeed!


Kenlyn Clark
Math - Science
Learning Specialist
(207) 453-5025



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