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KVCC offers expanded course list for summer 2013 semester

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Fairfield, ME – Kennebec Valley Community College (KVCC) is offering an expanded list of courses during the summer semester which runs May 28-Aug. 3.

More than 100 courses will be offered in order to accommodate rising demand from both current KVCC students and from students at other colleges and universities who are home for the summer and seeking transferable credit courses.

Courses are still being added for the summer semester. For more information on summer opportunities contact the KVCC Enrollment Services Center at (207) 453-5822 or email


Course Code Title Online Hybrid Credit Continuing Education Specialty Course
ACC 111 Principles of Accounting I O C N/A
ACC 112 Principles of Accounting II C N/A
ACC 220 Principles of Payroll Administratio O C N/A
AFS E20 Working in Partnership w/Families CE N/A
AGR 124 Agriculture Internship C N/A
ART 150 3D Design and Printing C N/A
BIO 010 Learn and Excel in A & P N/A
BIO 106 Intro to Marine Biology C N/A
BIO 119 Survey of Anatomy & Physiology C N/A
BIO 213 Anatomy & Physiology I C N/A
BIO 214 Anatomy & Physiology II C N/A
BIO 216 Pathophysiology O C N/A
BIO 219 Microbiology C N/A
BPT 125 Construction Print Reading C N/A
BUS 113 Marketing O C N/A
BUS 115 Principles of Management C N/A
BUS 116 Business Law O C N/A
BUS 119 Integrated Marketing Communications O C N/A
CHE 112 General Chemistry I C N/A
CHE 113 Introduction to Biochemistry H C N/A
CHE 115 General Chemistry II C N/A
COM 104 Intro to Communication C N/A
COM 105 Interpersonal Communication O C N/A
CPT 117 Software Applications I H C N/A
CPT 208 Project Management C N/A
ECE 133 Language, Literacy, and Literature O C N/A
ECE 140 Fostering GrowthInfants & Toddlers O C N/A
ECE 156 Field Placement I H C N/A
ECE 200 Early Childhood Pract II H C N/A
ECO 113 Principles of Economics I Macro O C N/A
ECO 114 Principles of Economics II Micro O C N/A
EMS 111 Emergency Medical Technology I C N/A
EMS 218 Paramedic Emergencies II C N/A
EMS 219 Emergency Care Across the Lifespan C N/A
EMS 225 Paramedic Clinical Preceptorship II C N/A
ENG 101 College Composition C N/A
ENG 108 Technical Writing O C N/A
ENG 121 Introduction to Literature O C N/A
ENG 210 Creative Writing O C N/A
ENG 219 Professional Writing O C N/A
ETL 121 Electrical Wiring Practices I C N/A
ETL 122 Electrical Wiring Practices II C N/A
ETL 215 National Electrical Code O C N/A
GEO 101 Intro to Geography O C N/A
HIS 202 History of Maine O C N/A
HIT 212 Quality Improvement C N/A
HUM 101 Multi-culture Nature of Amer Soc O C N/A
INT 201 Seminar in Inquiry O C N/A
MAS 102 Medical Terminology O C N/A
MAS 110 Medical Documentation O C N/A
MAS 234 Clinical/Medical Office Practicum C N/A
MAT 025 Numerical Math C N/A
MAT 031 Introductory Algebra C N/A
MAT 114 Technical Math C N/A
MAT 117 College Algebra C N/A
MAT 220 Statistics O C N/A
MHT 101 Mental Health Seminar O C N/A
MHT 104 Community Mental Health O C N/A
MHT 110 Interviewing & Counseling H C N/A
MHT 112 Crisis Identification & Intervent O C N/A
MHT 124 Psychosocial Rehabilitation O C N/A
MHT 125 The Changing Workplace O C N/A
MHT 218 Substance Abuse w/Dual Diagnosis O C N/A
MUS 117 History of Rock and Roll O C N/A
OTS 105 Fieldwork Education I C N/A
OTS 107 Technology & OT Practice C N/A
OTS 109 Group Process C N/A
PDB G10 Introduction to Grant Writing CE N/A
PDT 050 Propane & Natural Gas: Tank Setter CE N/A
PDT E05 45 Hour National Electrical Code CE N/A
PDT H10 Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump CE N/A
PDT R10 EPA 608 Refrigerant Certification CE N/A
PDT W10 Welding I CE N/A
PDT W20 Welding II C CE N/A
PDT W30 Welding III CE N/A
PHI 110 Intro to Contemporary Ethics O C N/A
PSY 101 Intro to Psychology C N/A
PSY 102 Intro to Psychology for Psyc Majors C N/A
PSY 200 History of Psychology O C N/A
PSY 215 Developmental Psychology O C N/A
PTS 120 PTA Clinical Education I C N/A
RAD 103 Radiographic Positioning III C N/A
RAD 113 RAD Clinical Practicum III C N/A
RTS 112 Therapeutic Modalities in RT Care C N/A
RTS 120 Clinical Practicum I C N/A
RTS 121 Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics C N/A
SDB 106 Internship I C N/A
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology H C N/A
SOC 204 Social Problems H C N/A

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