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Release date 04-02-14


KVCC Foundation offers scholarships for summer


FAIRFIELD – The Kennebec Valley Community College (KVCC) Foundation is offering scholarship support to qualified students who want to enroll in summer classes but lack the finances to do so.

Scholarships of $250-$750 are now available to assist students with the cost of summer attendance, and those interested are being encouraged to contact the College’s Financial Aid Office to learn more.

KVCC offers a wide range of summer courses during the semester which begins May 29. These courses appeal both to current KVCC students and to students seeking credits they can transfer to other colleges and universities.

During the past two summers, students at KVCC were able to take advantage of an expansion of the federal Pell Grant program that allowed most ofthose who had used all their Pell eligibility in the fall and spring semesters to receive an additional grant, but this year that provision was eliminated, leaving some students with need, but no grant aid, for the summer.

In response to this, the KVCC Foundation stepped in to help students who would like to take summer courses but lack adequate funds to meet their financial need. The Foundation responded to a similar need in 2008.

“This allocation of grant funds by the KVCC Foundation is very important to students,” said Anne Connors, Director of KVCC’s Financial Aid Office, “Taking summer courses helps students move forward toward graduation, and having these funds to help students register will keep KVCC’s summer enrollment numbers up.”

Preference for scholarship awards will be given to matriculated KVCC students who do not have summer Pell grants, or students whose summer Pell award will not be enough to cover the tuition,fees and booksfor their summer courses.

Non-matriculated students can call Gail Allen in the KVCC Admissions Office at 453-5131 to find out how to get accepted into a degree program, and if they fill out a FAFSA form as well, can become eligible for the summer scholarships.

KVCC President Barbara Woodlee praised the decision by the Foundation to allocate scholarship funds to meet summer need, noting the increasing interest in summer courses as students seek flexibility in earning degrees.

“Students appreciate the opportunity summer classes afford to get a jump on fall semester requirements or to make up credits from a previous semester,” Woodlee said. “These courses are also attractive to students from other colleges and universities who are home for the summer and seeking credits at KVCC they can then transfer to their own schools while taking advantage of our low tuition rates.”

To find out more about scholarship opportunities at KVCC contact the Financial Aid Office at (207) 453-5160 or email General information on financial aid at KVCC is available on the College website at:

For a full list of summer semester courses, go to and click on the course offerings link to reach the College’s course search page.

Registration for the summer and fall semesters at KVCC began March 26 for matriculated students at the College. Registration will open to all on April 17.

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