Prior Learning Credit

Credit for Prior Learning


Kennebec Valley Community College recognizes the value of college-level knowledge students may have acquired outside of the traditional college classroom through past work, independent reading and study, corporate training programs, in-service courses, volunteer services or other experiences.

The College has several procedures for the assessment of prior learning. Students are encourages to explore all options available to them. These options can help students articulate what they have learned from experiences outside of the classroom into credit, and to expedite the path to a degree.

Students who seek credit for prior learning must be formally admitted (matriculated) into a degree program at KVCC. Additionally, students must earn a minimum of 25% of their program course requirements from KVCC in order to be awarded a degree.

Although college credit earned through these options may count toward a degree, the credit and grades will not be included in computing the grade point average (GPA). The final decision regarding acceptance of all prior learning credits rests with KVCC.


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 Prior Learning Assessment Options: