Writing Workshops

Writing Workshops


Emergency Response Planning for Small Businesses

You don't need a big budget or a large staff to prepare your business and employees to handle an emergency or a disaster.  But you do need an efficient and realistic plan.  This workshop guides you through the steps in emergency planning:  you will identify the risks your company faces, develop response scenarios, and create an Emergency Response Plan that protects your business, your employees and your customers.

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Newsletters without Tears

Does your club, organization, or home business produce its own newsletter or other promotional material using typical office applications such as Microsoft Word?  Do you struggle with templates?  Does your copy never seem to fit the layout?  Does the final product look OK but somehow you know it could be better?  In this workshop you will learn to create versatile, professional-looking layouts using simple techniques of graphic design.

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Write so they will read it!

Accurate, complete and readable documents are essential to business success.  This workshop will help you quickly produce readable, clear and useful documentation.  The workshop teaches students to recognize and avoid common problems in writing for the business audience.  It gives students a tool kit for focusing the document on readers needs and structuring the material they have to present.  Objectives:  Identify and avoid common mistakes when writing for American or foreign readers; apply the techniques of tactical writing for status reports, proposals, procedures, and analytical documents such as requirements specifications, the effective structures and techniques in emails and documents.

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