CPR Instructor

American Heart Association Healthcare Provider Instructor - Initial

This course is for students who are looking to become American Heart Association certified CPR Instructors.  This course will include skills test, written examination and student-taught lecture topic.

If you have previously been certified as a CPR Instructor, and your certification is more thant 30 days expired, you will need to take the full initial course.

Prerequisite: Valid Healthcare Provider CPR Certification

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American Heart Association Healthcare Provider Instructor - Recertification


This course is for those certified AHA CPR instructors whose certification is about to expire, or is not more than 30 days expired.  Topics include: the changes in instructional material or techniques issued by the American Heart Association, Local Community Training Center Affiliation, and protocol and policies.  Successful students will receive a two year instructor's card.

Students who are more than 30 days expired, will need to take the full CPR Instructors Initial course.

Students should bring their current instructor manual

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