Personal Enrichment


Professional Bartending

Do you like meeting new people? Would you like to know more about how a bar operates?  Then this ourse is for you.  Whether you are taking this course to find a full-time/part-time job, or you are taking ti for your own personal enrichment, this course will be fun and enjoyable.  This 7 week course will teach you not only mixology, but appropriate glassware, laws concerning customers, liability rules and regulations of the bartender and the property owner, and so much more.

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Notary Public - Preparation

In many aspects of business, many times there is a need to have a licensed Notary.  This course prepares individuals for the official state appointment and provides a comprehensive view of official duties, confusing laws, with concepts and procedures clarified in plain English.  Examples are provided to illuminate actual situations including avoiding conflict of interest, maintaining ethics, minimizing personal legal liability, proper business aspects of notary practice, charging proper fees, and special situations.

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